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Horseware Blankets

How To Measure:

  1. Using a soft measuring tape, measure from (A) at the center point of the chest, across the point of the shoulder and to the point (B) at the center of the tail.
  2. When you have the measurement, remove 10cm (4inches) and choose your horse’s size from the table below.
Horse Size Measurement from A to B (CM) Measurement from A to B (IN)
Petite 76 30
Petite 84 33
Petite 91 36
Petite 99 39
Petite 106 42
Petite/Pony 114 45
Petite/Pony 122 48
Pony 130 51
Pony 137 54
Pony 145 57
Pony 152 60
Pony 160 63
Pony/Horse 168 66
Pony/Horse 175 69
Horse 183 72
Horse 191 75
Horse 198 78
Horse 206 81
Horse 213 84
Horse 221 87
Horse 229 90

 Blanket Styles:

  • Straight Front - For an average build of horse, go with a classic neck cut or if you prefer to give them more comfort again, a V-Front fit would suit.
  • V-Front - For a deep shouldered, narrow horse you would be advised to have a Surefit design with V-Front closure.
  • Disc Front - For a narrow chested horse, we suggest a blanket or sheet featuring our Disc Front Closure.
  • Optimo - For a deep shouldered horse with a deep neck and wide build you would need the XL cut, which is 20% deeper in the neck and sides to give them room, or you could choose the Optimo style blankets which have the ultimate freedom of movement.
  • Wug - For high withered narrow horses a Wug® helps to reduce the wither pressure. For very narrow or young horses the Wug® or All-In-One design blankets are good choices to help fit their shape and prevent the blanket from slipping.
  • Pony Cut - 10% shorter body to avoid restriction of movement and optimum fit.
  • XL - For a deep shouldered horse with a deep neck and wide build, you would need the XL cut, which is 20% deeper in the neck and 10% deeper on the sides to provide more room.