BOGS Women's Boots – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport

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BOGS Women's Boots

Bogs are built on a European last which is offered in full sizes. The European last is contoured to the foot for ultra-comfort. Beginning with a roomy toe box, the last is wider through the forefoot, supportive in the arch, and narrows in the heel. This combination accommodates a greater range of widths and lengths, superseding the need for half sizes and widths.

If you are a ½ size, we recommend that you move up to the next full size to allow proper air flow. Below you will find the range of sizes for our Bogs products. Each product has varying sizes within these ranges so please check each boot individually or with your local retailer for available sizes.

Because of different measurement systems, there is no exact conversion between the various international shoe sizes - sizes in one system can fall between sizes in another. The following table represents an approximate conversion of the different sizes. For a perfect fit have your feet measured with a Brannock measuring device by an in store trained professional.

6/6.5 8 15/16" 23.6
7/7.5 9 10/16" 24.4
8/8.5 9 15/16" 25.2
9/9.5 10 4/16" 26.0
10 10 9/16" 26.8
11 10 14/16" 27.6
12 11 3/16" 28.4