Supra Height & Weight Tape


Nylon measuring tape with height on one side and weight on the other

Measure your horse's height and weight in one handy, small measuring tape. This portable, packable measuring tape features horse height on one side and horse weight on the other. Height is shown in both centimeters and hands, while weight is shown in both pounds and kilograms. Includes visual images of where to measure for accurate readings. The small size makes this perfect for use when horse shopping or traveling. Handy for tracking the growth and development of young horses, or for tracking weight loss in easy keepers. Made from extra durable, vinyl coated nylon.

  • Height & weight measuring tape
  • Weight shown on one side, height on the other
  • Portable & packable
  • Height shown in centimeters and inches
  • Weight shown in pounds and kilograms
  • Includes instructions on where to measure
  • Great for use when travelling
  • Helps track development of young horses, or weight loss of easy keepers
  • Durable vinyl coated nylon

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