Likit Tongue Twister Complete Horse Toy


Horse toy designed to be fixed to the stall and may be used with up to two little Likits

The Likit Tongue Twister Complete Horse Toy is designed to be fixed to the stable wall and is suitable for less adventurous horses. As your horse licks the inserted Likit, the ball will spin, ensuring they work for their reward. May be used with one or two 250gm little Likits (sold separately). The Tongue Twister is designed to be fixed to a wall at wither height and is ideal for horses in smaller stables or for those that tend to spook at hanging toys easily. Simply insert one or two Little Likits and as the horse uses the toy, the ball will spin making it harder for them to reach their reward. To increase the challenge, insert just one Little Likit and gravity will pull the treat down. Studies have shown that environmental enrichment works best when animals are challenged with changes in their environment. Try regularly changing the flavour of the Little Likits and even more the location of the toy from time to time.

  • Horse toy
  • May be used with up to two 250gm little Likits
  • Likit challenge level two (Medium)
  • Great horse horses that spook at hanging toys
  • Likit inserts sold separately

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