Mini Slow Bale Buddy


Hay-saving bale net that holds one small square bale

Your favorite hay-saving slow bale buddy, now in a mini size! The Mini Slow Bale Buddy is a mesh hay feeder that holds one small square bale. Bale buddies help to reduce hay waste, prevent overeating, and extend the life of your bales. The knotless netting is made from 100% soft woven nylon with 1.5" openings, and is not bleached or dyed. Nylon is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant as well as having natural UV resistance. The knotless nylon netting is soft on horse's lips while still being strong enough to hold up under the continuous onslaught of their teeth. The safety fastener eliminates the need for unsafe straps or drawstrings, and has smooth rounded edges. Each safety fastener is made from tough HPE plastic that will resist up to 5000lbs of pressure, and is strong enough to withstand being walked on. Complete with double surged edges and double reinforced seams. Each box contains one mini net bag and one safety fastener.

  • Mini slow bale buddy
  • Holds one small square bale
  • 100% nylon knotless netting
  • 1.5" openings
  • Not bleached or dyed
  • Durable
  • Naturally UV resistant
  • Safety fastener resists up to 5000lbs of pressure
  • No unsafe straps or drawstrings
  • Double surged edges
  • Double reinforced seams
  • Contains one mini net bag and one safety fastener

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