Lister Star Clipper Blade

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For use with the Lister Star Clipper, the fine clipping blade leaves hairs 1.4mm long

For use with the Lister Star Clipper, the Star Clipper Blade produces a fine clip that leaves hairs 1.4mm long. This A2F/AC blade is comparable to a 15 blade, offering a closer clip than a 10 blade, yet leaving hairs longer than a surgical clip. Complete with a 75mm/3" wide clipping surface, this blade allows you to clip animals more quickly. Ideal for close clipping horses, clipping the heads and stomachs of cattle, and for slick shearing sheep. Compatible with the Lister Star, Legend, Fusion and Liberty clippers. Made from solid stainless steel. 

  • Lister Star clipper blade
  • A2F/AC blade
  • Leaves hairs 1.4mm long
  • Comparable to a 15 blade
  • 75mm/3"W clipping surface allows faster clipping
  • Ideal for close clipping horses, heads & stomachs of cattle and slick shearing sheep
  • Compatible with Lister Star, Legend, Fusion and Liberty clippers
  • Solid stainless steel

Blade Number Cut Type Hair Length Common Use
T84 Coarse Cut 2.4mm Body
10 Coarse Cut 1.5mm Body & Legs
15 Medium Cut 1.2mm Head & Bridle Path
30 Fine Cut 0.5mm Detailed Areas of Face (Ears, Muzzle)
40 Surgical Cut 0.25mm Surgical Prep - Closest Possible Clip

Note - Hair length produced is approximate and may vary depending on the blade brand, blade model, skill of the user and more.


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