Cancor Innovations Crinkle Ball Cat Toy 2.5 In.


Classic, best selling cat toy that makes a fun crinkle sound during play

The Crinkle Ball Cat Toy is a best-seller that your cat will love! This light, soft, durable ball is great for tossing, fetching and batting. Cats love to carry the Crinkle Ball around in their mouth, and choose to keep it close by for instant play. An absolute favourite among cats of all ages. This toy will get your cat active and keep them exercising. Made from 100% acrylic fibers with metalized polyester film for the ultimate in safety. Makes a fun crinkle sound. Contains no Mylar. Made in Canada. Approx. 2.5" in diameter.

  • Light, soft, durable ball cat toy
  • Best seller
  • Helps get cats active
  • Made from 100% acrylic with metalized polyester film
  • Fun crinkle sound
  • Contains no Mylar
  • Made in Canada
  • Approx. 2.5" in diameter

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