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Tangana Jumper Light Merino Technical Sock

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Keep your feet warm and dry in moderate conditions with these light merino wool socks

Keep your feet warm and dry all winter long with the Tangana Jumper Women's Light Merino Technical Sock. Made with light merino wool, this natural textile is high quality, exceptionally soft, and extremely comfortable. Each sock has an inner layer of dry lining combined with an outer layer of merino wool. These socks provide excellent thermal insulation in cold weather by creating air pockets within the wool fiber. Merino wool has one of the highest hygroscopicity (moisture absorption) rates, creating a wicking effect that keeps your feet dry at all levels of activity. As a bonus, the natural wicking effect also reduces unpleasant foot odours due to sweat! These socks are incredibly durable while remaining thin and stretchy. Finished with "Jumping" on both sides of each sock.

  • Made from light merino wool
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Natural wicking effect keeps feet dry
  • Reduces unpleasant foot odours
  • Durable, thin & stretchy
  • "Jumping" on both sides of each sock

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