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Set of 4 Shedrow Stall Bandages sold with a set of 2 Shedrow No Bows.

The Shedrow No Bow Stall Bandage package offers equestrians a convenient and value-packed deal. Including 4 No Bows and 4 Shedrow Stall Bandages, this package is excellent for after a workout or show. Choose from an array of bandage colours and No Bow sizes for the optimal fit.

Package includes:

  • 4 Shedrow Stall Bandages (Choice of colour)
  • 2 No Bows (Choice of size)

Item #:BAC0001
Reg. $50.75     SALE: $38.45
A fantastic package specifically styled for mounts that may require a broadback fit saddle.
Item #:RIE3999
Reg. $1,006.88     SALE: $883.85
Everything you need to get in the saddle at a fantastic price.

Whether it’s your first time riding or you’ve decided to brush off those rusty stirrups, The Back to Lessons package has everything you need to get in the saddle at a fantastic price. This package deal is also great for riders who show and need a set of schooling equipment that won’t break the bank. Select products allow you to choose your favourite color for a personalized touch.  Package includes:

  • DRC0511 – Troxel Sport Helmet
  • DRC1246 – Auken Wash N Wear Half Chaps
  • DRC7581 – Elation Red Label Pull On Breech
  • DRG0830 – Supra Crop
  • FTW0011 – Auken Nouvelle II Paddock Boots
  • Choice of Gloves

Item #:DRC0080
Reg. $196.88     SALE: $146.15
All the essentials of lunging including a lunge line, lunge whip and cavesson.

Our Lunging package offers all of the components required to lunge for either training or exercise. Offering you all of the proper tools at one conveniently low price, this package includes the following (come colour choices available at checkout):

Item #:PKG0009
Reg. $66.90     SALE: $49.99
Top quality apparel and accessories to ensure you stand out in the show ring.
Item #:PKG0090
Reg. $549.20     SALE: $360.77
An essential junior grooming set, designed for small hands!

Created for the junior equestrian, this package offers 6 grooming tools sized right for smaller hands. Complete with all of the essential grooming tools and a grooming caddy to keep all of your belongings together between uses. Package includes the following items (some colour choices may be available at checkout):

  • Supra Junior Body Brush (GRO1012)
  • Supra Junior Dandy Brush (GRO1011)
  • Supra Mini Rubber Curry Comb (GRO4449)
  • Supra Plastic Mane Comb (GRO4349)
  • Supra Small Grooming Caddy (GRO4785)
  • Supra Soft Touch Hoof Pick (GRO2008)

Item #:GRO4519
Reg. $20.95

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