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Dressage Saddles

A combination of synthetic wood and breathable neoprene resist wear and compression over time.

The Mondega Valencia features premium full grain buttery soft calf skin throughout and combines advanced technologies with traditional craftsmanship. AMS panels, a combination of synthetic wood and breathable neoprene resist wear and compression over time. A medium high knee roll assists with rider position. A laser hardened flexible carbon fibre reinforced tree is well balanced for an excellent fit. Lovely hand stitching, exquisite detailing and luxurious leathers ensure an exceptional sporting product. Regular flap length and available in 17 inch or 17.5 inch seat. Available in a rich black colour.

  • Combines advanced technologies with traditional craftsmanship
  • AMS panels
  • Synthetic wood and breathable neoprene resist wear and compression over time
  • Medium high knee roll
  • Laser hardened flexible carbon fibre reinforced tree
  • Lovely hand stitching
  • Exquisite attention to detail
  • Luxurious leathers

Item #:RIE5354
Reg. $1,691.54

Our best value, most popular synthetic saddle. Well made with attention to detail on a balanced synthetic tree, this saddle is ideal for the beginner or everyday rider. Schooling barns will appreciate the affordability and rugged functionality of this easy to care for saddle. Many inexpensive saddles are still built on wooden trees, which are very difficult to achieve on a budget, as a properly built wooden tree is a work of art. By utilizing a standardized synthetic tree we are able to offer a properly balanced, consistent saddle on a stronger, more flexible tree. Featuring a leather-look synthetic outer with hand flocked panels. If you are seeking value for money in a well made every day saddle, this is the saddle for you.

  • Synthetic saddle
  • Balanced tree
  • Leather look outer
  • Hand flocked panels

Item #:RIE3714
Reg. $230.00

If your horse is wider or narrower than the gullet bar width provided with the saddle then choose the next width of bar to suit your saddle.

  • Green – Narrow/Medium
  • Black – Medium
  • Blue – Medium/Wide
  • Red – Wide
  • White – Extra Wide
  • Silver – Extra Extra Wide

*Thorowgood Gullet bars should only be used with Thorowgood Interchangeable Saddles*

Item #:RIE3997
Reg. $38.45
Includes saddle, bridle, sitrrup irons, saddle pad, girth, and saddle carrying cover.
Item #:RIE3897
Reg. $1,272.26     SALE: $1,153.08
Designed with a large moveable knee block and quality leather seat.

Designed to help you perfect your dressage seat, making schooling and competing more satisfying. Designed with a large moveable block to help you train your leg into a longer more secure position. Quality leather seat and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle. Compatible with the Thorowgood R-bar.

  • Large moveable block
  • Quality leather seat
  • Compatible with Thorowgood R-bar
  • Knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle

Item #:RIE5346
Reg. $922.31
Injection molded plastic tree, wool flocked panels, and a combination of cow and buffalo leathers.

Built on a durable injection molded plastic tree with a roomy 5” gullet. Wool flocked panels offer more breathability and conform to your horse’s back over time. A deep, comfortable cow leather seat enhances grip while durable buffalo harness leather panels resist wear. A high knee roll lends support to the thigh without inhibiting the leg.

  • Durable injection molded plastic tree
  • Roomy 5” gullet
  • Wool flocked panels
  • Cow leather seat
  • Buffalo harness leather panels
  • High knee roll

Item #:RIE6985
Reg. $691.54

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