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This Nylon Training Surcingle is heavy duty with a 4” wide back  of acrylic sheepskin, ring and dees located properly for training your horse. Get results with this professional engineered surcingle that is fully adjustable and designed with the trainer in mind.

  • Acrylic Sheepskin
  • Nylon Exterior
  • Rings and Dees

Item #:HOR5003
Reg. $49.99
Includes neoprene-lined surcingle, soft poly lunge line, and nylon lunging strap.

This Smart Lunge set has everything you need to start training today!  This set includes a neoprene lined surcingle, soft poly lunge line and nylon lungeing strap.

  • Neoprene lined surcingle
  • Soft poly lunge line
  • Nylon lunging strap

Item #:HOR5158
Reg. $69.22
Includes a lunge line, lunge whip, nylon training surcingle, and the Mondega Lunging System.
Item #:PKG0068
Reg. $197.66     SALE: $146.15
Works with a surcingle (not included) to encourage a gradual build up of the topline muscles with balance.

Designed to encourage a gradual build up of the topline muscles with balance, the Mondega Lunging System incorporates a variety of ropes that attach to a surcingle (not included). When attached, your horse will be encouraged to step under himself while traveling forward. The Mondega Lunging system can be used in four different arrangements based on the training level and fitness of your horse.

  • Encourages a gradual buildup of the topline muscles
  • Encourages balance of the horse
  • Can be used in four different arrangements
  • Can be adjusted to fit different training levels and fitness of your horse

Item #:RIE6365
Reg. $115.38

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