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Nylon Halters

Soft leather foal halter features all-over adjustability and a fixed catch strap.

The soft leather of the Connemara Foal Halter allows it to be a great starting headpiece for young foals. The halter features an adjustable crown and nose band for growth as well as a fixed catch strap which provides ease in catching foals. The halter is also created with solid roller buckles that offer easy on and off applications.

  • Soft Leather
  • Adjustable Crown
  • Adjustable Noseband
  • Fixed Catch Strap
  • Easy On and Off

Item #:HAH4805
Reg. $26.92
Fully adjustable rope halter hand tied from diamond braided rot resistant nylon, complete with lead.

Hand tied from diamond braided rot resistant nylon with no hardware to break. Fully adjustable, washable and durable! Should fit snugly and comes complete with 5/8" lead. One size fits all. Black, Hunter Green, Royal Blue and Red.

Item #:HAH0004
Reg. $16.92
Features four knots across the noseband which apply pressure for bitless control.

A perfect alternative to using reins without a bit, the Copper CanyonTM Side Pull Rope Halter features four knots across the noseband which apply pressure for bitless control. Ideal for training a young horse or for use on a horse who may be irritated by a bit, side-pull rope halter is made from diamond braided, rot resistant rope for long-term strength.

  • Knotted noseband applies pressure for bitless control
  • Diamond braided, rot resistant rope
  • Nickel plated side-pull rings
  • Made in Canada

Item #:RIW4940
Reg. $23.07

Durable 1 1/2" doubled/stitched nylon. Throat snap for easy on and off as well as an adjustable chin strap. Black. Sizes: Regular or Large.

Item #:HRD6441
Reg. $42.30

The Kanga Rope halters were designed with specific tools, knots, rope thickness and firmness to achiece excellence in training.  Kanga halters are made with a tightly woven medium firm cord.  The extra two knots in the noseband allow for extra control.

  • Tightly woven
  • Medium firm 
  • Extra knots

Item #:RIW4204
Reg. $30.76
Beautiful beaded rope halter with strategically placed knots comes with a matching lead.

Made with durability and style in mind, the Professional’s Choice Beaded Rope Halter features strategically placed knots on key pressure points and beautiful intricate beadwork over the nose. Complete with a matching 10-foot lead line.

  • Intricate beadwork on the noseband
  • Strategically placed knots
  • Includes matching 10-foot lead
  • Durable

Item #:HAH4911
Reg. $30.76
Fleece-lined nylon halter withstands everyday wear while leather piece breaks in case of incident.

Constructed from durable, doubled nylon, this Shedrow halter is made tough to stand up everyday barn wear and features a leather breakaway at the left hand side of the crownpiece in case of an incident. The Shedrow Breakaway Halter includes fleece at the nose and crown with fleece lining on the cheek pieces for all day comfort. Finished with matte plated hardware.

  • Durable, Doubled Nylon
  • Leather Breakaway Piece (Replaceable)
  • Fleece Nose & Crown
  • Fleece Lined Cheek Pieces
  • Matte Plated Hardware

Item #:HAH4808
Reg. $34.61
Nylon halter with brass hardware, throat snap, and suede crown liner.

This lightweight 3/4" nylon halter offers a soft and durable suede liner on the crown. Comes complete with brass hardware and includes a throat snap.

  • Sizes: Large Horse, Regular Horse or Small Horse.
  • 3/4" wide nylon
  • Brass hardware
  • Suede liner on the crown

Item #:HAH4759
Reg. $23.07
Durable doubled nylon halter with brass plated snap and adjustable crown.

Durable doubled nylon halter with triple nylon cheeks. Featuring a rolled throat latch and looped on brass plated snap for easy replacement. Brass plated hardware and a convenient adjustable crown and chin strap. Warmblood, Full, and Cob available in a 1” width. Pony available in a ¾” width.

  • Doubled nylon
  • Triple nylon cheeks
  • Rolled throat latch
  • Brass plated snap
  • Adjustable crown
  • Warmblood, Full, and Cob available in a 1” width
  • Pony available in a ¾” width

Item #:HAH4730
Reg. $23.07

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