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Horse Training Aids


A simple aid that helps to correct head carriage while encouraging the effective use of the back. Fully adjustable for the perfect fit with a durable elastic construction for a give and take feel.

Item #:RIE3620
Reg. $13.84

The Connemara Running Martingale Attachment easily attaches to your breastplate to create a running martingale. Conveniently attaches with loop and snap ends.

  • Easy to Use
  • Loop & Snap Ends
  • Attaches to the Breastplate to Create a Running Martingale 

Item #:RIE5176
Reg. $23.07
Made of 100% leather, these reins feature a high quality donut.

Leather side reins feature a high quality donut, allowing more give than plain leather side reins and less give than those with an elastic inset. Durable buckle on each rein allows you to adjust the side reins to achieve the ideal length for your horse.

  • Leather with high quality donut
  • Durable hardware
  • Buckles for adjustability

Item #:RIE3362
Reg. $30.76

Add a D-ring to your saddle by looping this product over your stirrup bar!  This also helps protect the D-rings on your saddle to ensure a long riding life with your saddle!

Item #:RIE6776
Reg. $10.76
Indispensable earplugs for horses sensitive to sound.

Made of soft sheepskin, Fleeceworks Earplugs are indispensable for horses sensitive to sound. Not only for use while riding, earplugs are especially handy when clipping as they minimize the sound of the clippers while preventing small hairs from dropping into the ear canal. Attached thread for easy removal.

  • Minimizes sound
  • Prevent hairs from entering ear canal
  • Thread for easy removal
  • Sheepskin

Item #:HOR5174
Reg. $8.45
Leather German Martingale with snaps and web reins featuring multiple D-rings for easy adjustment.

The German Martingale, also known as the Market Harborough, is a training tool to assist with mounts in a variety of disciplines.  Created from the finest leather, this German Martingale is finished with stylish hardware to complete the look in the training ring. Web reins feature multiple D-rings for easy adjustment.

  • Finest leather
  • Stylish hardware
  • Applicable with training in a variety of disciplines
  • Web reins feature multiple D-rings for easy adjustment.

Item #:RIE5170
Reg. $53.84
Durable training stick can be used with or without the string to assist in a variety of training pursuits.

The Natural Horseman Training Stick is used by leading natural horsemanship trainers to work from the ground as they progress with training.  The Training Stick can be used with or without the string to give clear and specific cues to the horse.  Made from durable and rugged materials, this stick is long and will assist in training with a variety of training pursuits.  A handcrafted comfortable grip and removable string make this easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go!

  • Can be used with or without string
  • Durable and rugged materials
  • Comfortable grip
  • Removable string

Item #:RIW4200
Reg. $33.07

A synthetic blend web gives a soft, comfortable feel, yet resists rot and wear. Our best seller. Snap ends. Natural colour.

Item #:RIE3386
Reg. $13.84
Customize these ear plugs to fit your pony perfectly.

Customizable ear plugs perfectly fit ears of many shapes and sizes. Each packet comes with two pairs of soft, acrylic ear plugs to provide a comfortable, noise-blocking barrier for your pony. Just simply trim the outer fuzzies to customize the size of your ear plugs, then throw them in the washing machine after use for easy care!

  • Soft, acrylic ear plugs
  • Comes with two pairs (four ear plugs)
  • Trim to customize the size
  • Washable
  • Provides a comfortable, noise-blocking barrier
  • Pony sized

Item #:HOR5179
Reg. $7.68

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