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A 4" X 3/4" thick (cut to fit) Cashel Foam girth pad grooved down the centre to help prevent gall sores.

Item #:RIE3640
Reg. $46.15

Equifit Essentials School Girth SheepsWool Replacement Liner

Item #:RIE6939
Reg. $40.76
The Equifit Essentials Smartfabric Schooling Girth Replacement Liner.

Breathable and moisture wicking fabric woven with antibacterial silver helps guard against microbial growth. SmartFabric is bonded to a neoprene-free, open cell foam to create a comfortable, functional liner perfect for daily use. This liner is also removable and machine washable, making for easy use and care.

  • Breathable and moisture wicking fabric
  • Woven with antibacterial silver to help guard against microbial growth
  • Neoprene free, open cell foam
  • Comfortable, functional liner
  • Removable and machine washable

Item #:RIE6938
Reg. $30.76

Made of stretch cotton terry this is the perfect absorbent girth cover.  This cover features openings that stretch to fit most girth widths, and long enough to fit most girth lengths.  Keep your girth clean and in great shape with a Girth Sock today!

  • Stretch cotton terry
  • Absorbent
  • Fits most girths

Item #:RIE6794
Reg. $26.92

Identical to the Supra Quilt girth cover except we have changed the quilted cotton underside to the same high quality fleece as on the outer side. High quality polyester fleece all around for good breathability and comfort. White.

Item #:RIE3637
Reg. $13.84
Polyester fleece top is combined with a thick bottom layer of polyester felt quilted to a brushed 100% cotton.

Polyester fleece top is combined with a thick bottom layer of polyester felt quilted to a brushed 100% cotton fabric. White.

Item #:RIE3642
Reg. $14.61

The Shedrow Quilted Dressage Girth cover is designed to provide the ultimate comfort to your horse, and long lasting durability to your girth.  Fitting comfortable over most girths, this saddle will help prevent rubbing while keeping your tack in great shape.

  • Provide comfort to your horse
  • Lengthens the life of your girth
  • Fits comfortably ober
  • Help prevent rubbing

Item #:RIE3994
Reg. $9.99

Quilted Girth Cover. Black, White, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Red or Purple. 44".

Item #:RIE3639
Reg. $14.61
Help prolong the life of your girth and avoid irritations caused by girth rubs.

The Shedrow Sheepskin Quilted Girth Cover feature a  quilted cotton underside for ultimate comfort and protection against irritation, prolonging the life of your girth and the comfort of your mount.

  • Quilted cotton underside
  • Protection against irritation 
  • Prolong life of girth

Item #:RIE5154
Reg. $61.53

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