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Western Bits


Metlab 3pc Colt Bit W/ Short Shank Size; 5".

Item #:BIW1237
Reg. $30.76     SALE: $24.61

Antique D Bit w. Engraved Trim and SS Dots

Item #:BIW1263
Reg. $38.45     SALE: $30.76

Antique Dee Snaffel with Copper Inlay

Item #:BIW1262
Reg. $34.61     SALE: $27.68

Western SS Snaffel Bit w/ German Silver

Item #:BIW1259
Reg. $38.45     SALE: $30.76

Eggbut Sweet Iron Snaffle w/starburst

Item #:BIW2163
Reg. $42.30     SALE: $33.84

Sweet iron off set D with copper rollers

Item #:BIW2162
Reg. $24.61     SALE: $19.68

Black Training Snaffel w/ Copper inlay

Item #:BIW1265
Reg. $26.92     SALE: $21.53

Leather Braided Nose with 9" cheeks.

Item #:BIW1204
Reg. $42.30     SALE: $33.84

Training Snaffle with Dee Copper Mouth 7" cheeks. Size; 5".

Item #:BIW1233
Reg. $29.22     SALE: $23.38

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