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Muzzles, Bibs, Cribbing


Nylon straps restrain the horse from chewing and eating but leaves them free to drink.  Can be used as a dietary control measure for horses that need to be on a special diet. Can also be used to help prevent horse from gnawing on wood or biting bandages on leg wounds.

  • Restrain horse from chewing and eating
  • Allow them to drink

Item #:HOR5010
Reg. $13.07

Plastic bib helps prevent your horse from gnawing or tearing bandages or blankets. Made of high-strength plastic for lasting use. Adjustable nylon straps allow it to be fitted to any horse or halter.

  • Prevents from gnawing or tearing bandages or blankets
  • High-strength plastic
  • Adjustable strap

Item #:HOR5018
Reg. $13.07

Durable nylon nutcracker cribbing strap with adjustable buckle and a "nutcracker" hinge to prevent cribbing.

  • Nylon
  • Nutcracker style
  • Adjustable

Item #:HOR5040
Reg. $21.53

The web anti-grazing muzzel is designed to prevent over eating while still providing all day comfort. Nylon crown piece and throat latch ensure the muzzle stays in place, whether turned out or in, and is available in multiple sizes. Muzzle component is designed from nylon webbing with a rubber bottom, complete with small hole for limited access to forage. 

  • Nylon Crown and Throat Latch
  • Nylon and Rubber Muzzle
  • Limited Access to Forage 

Item #:HOR5148
Reg. $28.45

These washable maize fleece covers provide extra cushioning and protection when slipped over the browband of the Miracle Collar or around the jowl pieces. Easily attaches to the Miracle Collar. 

  • Washable
  • Maize fleece
  • Easily attaches

Item #:RIW3985
Reg. $15.38

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