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Horsemen’s Pride Cavalettis are a great addition to any stable! Made of durable, thick walled, high density plastic to withstand the elements and are easy to assemble and move when needed. The Horsemen’s Pride Cavalettis are designed to fit a PVC pole or 4” x 4” pole.

  • Durable
  • Thick Walled, High Density Plastic
  • No Mounting Hardware Required
  • Dimensions: 20 1/4” x 20” x 3 1/2”

Item #:STE9583
Reg. $84.99

H.P. Jump Blocks. These jump blocks are made of durable, thick-walled, high-density plastic. Stackable, no assembly required. Sold as pairs. Available in blue, red or white. Due to the size of these jump blocks, additional shipping charges will apply. You will be contacted with an exact shipping quote.

Item #:STE0200
Reg. $99.99
Lightweight and easy to use, rail razers offer lifted trotting poles that can help with training and condition

An asset to any horse's training, conditioning or rehabilitation program, Horsemen's Pride Rail Razers lift trot poles off the ground by 4 inches and may be stacked for increased heights. Each 4 inch high lightweight pod holds the end of a standard 4 inch diameter trot pole. Multiple pods can be interlocked to raise the height and increase the difficulty level of the exercise. Set of four. 

  • Great for training, conditioning, or rehabilitation
  • Lift poles off ground 4 inches
  • Stackable
  • Set of four

Item #:STE9424
Reg. $44.99
Double sided plastic jump cup with attached steel pin.

This extremely lightweight, yet durable, jump cup is accurately shaped to fit the regular 4x4 uprights of most standards or wings. Rounded cup holds rails in place if gently knocked, while the alternate side is flat for securing gates or planks. Complete with 7” steel pin, securely attached to the cup by a nylon cord for security.

  • Lightweight Plastic Jump Cup
  • Double Sided- Round or Flat
  • Attached 7” Steel Pin
  • Sold Individually

Item #:STE9605
Reg. $21.53
One piece jump cup makes setting rails easy and fast.

One piece jump cup makes setting rails quick and easy. Crafted from professional grade steel and coated with rubber for durability. 3/8” diameter pin arm fits easily into the standard ½ pin hole found in regular standards, making this one piece cup harder to loose than regular two-piece cup sets!

  • One Piece Jump Cup
  • Professional Grade Steel
  • Rubber Coated

Item #:STE9604
Reg. $34.61
Plastic jump cup pin makes setting rails easy and fast.

Plastic jump cup pin makes setting rails quick and easy. Plastic design is durable and wont rust or rot like other pins. Complete with rope attachment for security. Sold in pairs.

  • Plastic Jump Cup Pins
  • Rope Attachment
  • Sold in Pairs

Item #:STE9606
Reg. $3.84

These reversible cups offer exceptional value by incorporating two cups in one. The pole side is a standard depth and is used primarily for Hunter and low Jumper classes. The plank/gate side is very flat to accomodate both Hunter and Jumper requirements. Black.

Item #:STE9390
Reg. $18.45

Safety is an ongoing concern in the Hunter and Jumper arena. These Safe-T Pins are designed to break under stress that may have otherwise caused an injury to horse/rider or resulted in the breakage of a pole/plank. 10 per package.

Item #:STE9392
Reg. $11.53

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