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Metal twitch is easy for one person to operate.

Easy for one person to operate.

Item #:STE9342
Reg. $7.68

This plastic salt block holder is the perfect option around the barn and in the stalls for your mount.  Designed with two screw holes for easy installation, this salt block fits a standard licks and wipes clean with water for easy maintenance.

  • Two screw holes
  • Fits standard licks
  • Wipes clean with water

Item #:STE0023
Reg. $6.15

The Soft Touch Bucket Brush cleans even the dirtiest buckets with its durable contruction and the addition of an ergonomically designed, soft handle for comfort.

Item #:STE9542
Reg. $5.38

Have your horse’s feed, turnout, and other information at your fingertips with this reusable stall plaque. Easily secured to your horse’s stall where it matters most, this convenient information card wipes clean when used with a dry-erase marker.

Item #:STE0021
Reg. $9.22

This scrub brush features a lightweight sturdy 20" handle with white crimped stiff bristles. Great for cleaning water and feed tubs. An ideal scrub brush made of hardwood back with strong bassine bristles.

Item #:STE9217
Reg. $9.22
Tablet simplifies the preparation of an accurately dosed disinfectant solution. 50 tablets.

Virkon® S tablets are a convenient to store and easy to handle presentation that simplifies the preparation of an accurately dosed disinfectant solution. The tablets are especially suitable for low volume applications and can be used in conjunction with trigger spray bottles for surface, equipment, skin* and aerial disinfection, and for disinfectant footdips.  Readily soluble in tap water, the Virkon® S tablets effervesce into a pink solution. Good infection control practices indicate disinfectant solutions should be replenished on a daily basis.

  •  Disinfectant solution
  • Suitable for low volume applications
  • Soluble in tap water

Item #:STO0015
Reg. $38.45
Durable and pre-drilled plastic wall-mounted dressage markers.

Durable and pre-drilled plastic wall-mounted dressage markers can be easily mounted to your arena wall or fence post to create your own dressage arena.

  • Set of 8 Letters (A, K, E, H, C ,M, B, F)

Item #:STE9569
Reg. $33.07

Watertight Cord Lock Connector

Item #:STE9603
Reg. $13.07
Hanging grooming caddy keeps grooming items organized in lockers, stalls, trailers and more!

Grooming essentials will be neat and organized with this convenient hanging 600D grooming caddy. Features a variety of open and zippered mesh pockets to store grooming tools large and small. Perfect storage solution for tack lockers, trailers, stalls and more!

  • Hanging Grooming Caddy
  • 600D Polyester
  • Open and Zip Mesh Pockets
  • Hook and Loop Hanging Straps

Item #:GRO4812
Reg. $43.84

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