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Brooms & Forks


This pure corn broom is wrapped around a bamboo core and together they are held in place with 3 string stitching and one metal band. Securely fastened to the strong smoothly sanded hardwood handle. This broom offers the best sweeping.

Item #:STE9213
Reg. $23.07

One piece reinforced polycarbonate ABS Head with 17 tines that are 10" in length. ** Please note that an additional $8.00 shipping charge is applicable to this item due to it's large size. **

Item #:STE9210
Reg. $16.92

These bottom tines are great for replacing your old abused shaving fork tines. Made of reinforced polycarbonate ABS Head with 17 tines that are 10" in length.

Item #:STE9223
Reg. $11.53
Durable polycarbonate pitchfork tines attached to a 52 long handle with a nylon locknut.

Super strong and extra flexible 100% polycarbonate tines securely attached to a 52” long handle with a durable nylon locknut. Specially designed to help make manure easier to pick up.

  • Manufactured with 100% polycarbonate for super strength and flexibility
  • Nylon locknut secures 52” long handle to pitchfork head
  • Specially designed tines are uniquely angled to provide easy manure pickup

Item #:STE9624
Reg. $22.30


Item #:STE9201
Reg. $34.61

This shaving fork has 10 tempered steel and welded tines 13" long with a premium ash handle. ** Please note that this oversized item is subject to an additional $8.00 shipping charge. **

Item #:STE9205
Reg. $53.84

Noble Wave Fork Package

Item #:PKG0093
Reg. $58.43     SALE: $49.99

Noble Wave Fork Tines are created from copolymer plastic resin for maximum durability. Interchangeable for customized look, the Noble Wave Fork Tines are available in multiple colours. Pair the tines with the Noble Wave Fork Handle and Rail Set for a complete fork.

  • Copolymer Plastic Resin
  • Durable
  • Interchangeable 

Item #:STE9584
Reg. $13.84

Wooden handle for fork heads with a pre-drilled design.

  • Wooden Handle
  • Pre-Drilled
  • Size: 54" L x 1" D

Item #:STE9581
Reg. $7.68

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