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Made from a Terry cloth material, the Crupper Towel is used to keep the driver clean while racing, driving or training. Use by affixing under the crupper.

Item #:HOR5157
Reg. $9.99     SALE: $8.49

Buxton made of new soft beta material that comes in assorted colors.

Item #:HNP5737
Reg. $61.53     SALE: $52.30

Beta Conversion Strap Top

Item #:HRS6087
Reg. $30.76     SALE: $26.15

Country Pride Crupper Synthetic.

Item #:HNP5754
Reg. $42.30     SALE: $35.95

Headpole Strap P.V.C.

Item #:HOR5069
Reg. $3.07     SALE: $2.61

Side Fender Strap.

Item #:SKY9802
Reg. $2.30     SALE: $1.95

The Finn Tack Lined Ear Cover is designed to keep noise distraction out, keep the ears warm on chilly days, or to keep bugs and pests away from your mount's sensitive ears.

Item #:HOR5156
Reg. $26.92     SALE: $22.88

Designed to keep a horse going straight and is made from plastic with two modified attachments. 

Item #:SKY9700
Reg. $49.99     SALE: $42.49

3/4" nylon breast collar designed with one quick release snap and three solid brass snaps for a quick and easy fit. Black, White, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Burgundy or Red.

Item #:HNP5730
Reg. $15.38     SALE: $13.07

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