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Half Cheek Straight Rubber

Item #:BIS1010
Reg. $23.07     SALE: $19.61

Birch Overcheck

Item #:BIS1072
Reg. $17.68     SALE: $15.03

Frisco June

Item #:BIS1004
Reg. $42.30     SALE: $35.95

Designed with a single branch that extends downward from the rings, the Half Cheek Snaffle Mouth Bit to improve lateral action on a direct rein. Additionally, the Half Cheek aids in preventing the sides of the bit from sliding through the horse’s mouth.

  • Half Cheek
  • Snaffle Mouth
  • Aids in Preventing the Sides of the Bit from Sliding through the Horse’s Mouth

Item #:BIE2072
Reg. $23.07     SALE: $18.45
Engineered from a high tech polymer for your horse's comfort.

Happy Mouth Bits, a favorite among top trainers, is made from engineered high tech, non-toxic plastics.  Extremely durable, Happy Mouth Bits are soft, gentle, and comfortable for your horse.  The unique apple scent encourages acceptance and softness.

  • Engineered high tech non-toxic plastics
  • Extremely durable
  • Apple scent encourages acceptance and softness

Item #:BIE2074
Reg. $53.84     SALE: $43.07

Italian Side Rein Straight.

Item #:BIS1050
Reg. $46.15     SALE: $39.22

Jaw Breaker Even.

Item #:BIS1063
Reg. $15.38     SALE: $13.07

The rubber covered jaw cord is designed to provide your mount with long lasting comfort when used properly.

Item #:BID1324
Reg. $19.22     SALE: $16.34

Houghton leather covered 4 3/4".

Item #:BIS1060
Reg. $42.30     SALE: $35.95

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