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Waste Disposal

Eco-friendly poop bags that are ultra-chic!

An all-natural chew to keep your dog entertained for hours! Free of additives, fillers, and preservatives making this a healthy and easy to digest treat. Pizzle Pieces are simply the leftover ends of the bully sticks after they are cut to their desired length, making a variety pack of sizes. Proudly made in Canada.

  • Free of additives, preservatives, and fillers
  • Healthy and easy to digest
  • Smaller version of the bully stick product
  • Varying in size

Item #:DOG7831
Reg. $13.07
Eco friendly poop bags never looked so chic.

Designer, durable and degradable, these eco-chic bags are not only strong and leak-proof but also environmentally friendly. With their unique designer prints, Poopy Packs are as much fun as you can have picking up poop.

  • 8 rolls per pack x 20 bags per roll = 160 total bags
  • Degradable
  • Strong and reliable
  • Unique designer prints
  • Fits in standard holders

Item #:DOG7830
Reg. $12.30

Poochiebells conveniently eliminate the bark and scratch associated with dogs wanting to be let outside. As the trusted and original potty training doorbell, Poochiebells feature a top loop that can be hung on any door handle or hook.

  • Lead Free
  • Smooth
  • 2 Sets of Bells
  • Approximately 26” Long
  • Top Loop

Item #:DOG5162
Reg. $17.68     SALE: $1.77
Genuine Italian leather bone-shaped dog waste bag holder with grommet detail to easily pull bags through.

Designed and handcrafted in Canada, pamper your pet with the Roots Genuine Italian Leather Dog Waste Bag Holder. Features a bone-shaped leather holder for dog waste bag roll and grommet detail to pull bags through the holder.

  • Roots genuine italian leather dog waste bag holder
  • Designed and handcrafted in canada
  • Bone-shaped
  • Grommet detail to pull bags through
Item #:DOG0703
Reg. $21.53
Convenient waste bag dispenser attaches to leash with a carabiner clip.

The Shedrow K9 Dog Waste Bag Dispenser is a convenient way to ensure you never leave for walks without bags. Easily attaches to your leash with a carabiner clip while a Velcro® strap wraps around your leash to stop the bag from swinging. A rubber-lined hole on the side of the bag offers quick and easy access to bags.   

  • Attaches to leash with carabiner clip
  • A Velcro® strap wraps around leash to stop swinging
  • Rubber-lined hole on the side of the bag offers quick and easy access to bags

Item #:DOG9448
Reg. $7.68

Simple Solutions Original Training Pad 10 pack

Item #:DOG5443
Reg. $6.15

Skouts Honor Odor Eliminator

Item #:DOG8305
Reg. $14.61

Skouts Honor Patio Cleaner & Deodorizer

Item #:DOG8306
Reg. $14.61

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