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Waste Disposal


The perfect accessory for every dog owner! Four Paws Allen’s Spring Action Scooper is revolutionary, allowing for pick-up of animal waste single-handedly. This scooper is made of plastic with a wide handle for a comfortable grip. Complete with serrated edges for easy pickup on grass surfaces.

  • Scooper
  • Plastic
  • Wide Handle
  • Serrated Edges 

Item #:DOG6764
Reg. $23.07
Citrus scented, eco-friendly poo bags feature reinforced seals to help prevent leaks.

Eco-friendly rolls of Define Planet’s Compostable Poo Bags are strong, thick and have reinforced seals at the bottom of each bag to help prevent leaks and ensure doodie-free hands. The bags are citrus scented, which is a naturally deodorizing smell. Rolls will fit in Define Planet dispensers or any standard dispensers.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Strong and thick
  • Reinforced seals help prevent leaks and mess
  • Citrus scent is naturally deodorizing
  • Compatible with Define Planet dispensers or any standard dispenser

Item #:DOG8473
Reg. $8.45
Poo bag dispenser made of fully recycled plastic, complete with a carabiner hook and lock.

Made of fully recycled plastic, the sturdy Define Planet Poo Bag Dispenser can withstand a few chews from an excited pup. It comes equipped with a strong carabiner hook and lock, large enough to be attached to any kind of leash or collar in case your pup is doing the carrying. Secure screw-on bottom allows for easy refilling and won’t get lost during those long walks.

  • Made of fully recycled plastic
  • Strong carabiner hook and lock attaches to any collar or leash
  • Screw-on bottom for easy refilling

Item #:DOG8471
Reg. $2.30

Dog Rocks Lawn Savers

Item #:DOG5305
Reg. $19.22

Little Stinker Housebreaking Pads - 30 pack

Item #:DOG5041
Reg. $17.68

Metro Paws Metro Pads

Item #:DOG7833
Reg. $34.61
Convenient dispenser for your favourite Poopy Packs.

A Poopy Pack’s best friend, the Poopcase is the convenient dispenser for your favourite design of the Poopy Packs. A durable, plant-based dispenser with a carabiner clip for easy attachment to any leash or collar, saving the hassle of carrying plastic bags. Includes one roll of 20 designer Poopy Packs.

  • Durable
  • Plant-based
  • Carabiner clip for easy attachment
  • Saves the hassle of carrying plastic bags
  • Includes one roll of 20 designer Poopy Packs

Item #:DOG7832
Reg. $15.38
Eco-friendly poop bags that are ultra-chic!

An all-natural chew to keep your dog entertained for hours! Free of additives, fillers, and preservatives making this a healthy and easy to digest treat. Pizzle Pieces are simply the leftover ends of the bully sticks after they are cut to their desired length, making a variety pack of sizes. Proudly made in Canada.

  • Free of additives, preservatives, and fillers
  • Healthy and easy to digest
  • Smaller version of the bully stick product
  • Varying in size

Item #:DOG7831
Reg. $13.07
Eco friendly poop bags never looked so chic.

Designer, durable and degradable, these eco-chic bags are not only strong and leak-proof but also environmentally friendly. With their unique designer prints, Poopy Packs are as much fun as you can have picking up poop.

  • 8 rolls per pack x 20 bags per roll = 160 total bags
  • Degradable
  • Strong and reliable
  • Unique designer prints
  • Fits in standard holders

Item #:DOG7830
Reg. $12.30

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