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Dog Beds


Midwest Contour Double Door Dog Crate 36"

Item #:DOG7918
Reg. $92.30

Midwest Contour Double Door Dog Crate 42"

Item #:DOG7919
Reg. $123.07

Natural Pet Tall Tails Donut Bed

Item #:DOG9287
Reg. $47.68

Natural Pet Tall Tails Dream Bolster Bed

Item #:DOG9286
Reg. $47.68
Non-slip bath mat to give your pet comfort during bath time.

Designed to give your pet an added sense of security during bath time, this non-slip bath mat features large suction cups and non-skid backing to ensure safe footing for your pet. Includes a loofah-like surface texture for added slip protection and to prevent pet hair from going into the drain. Flexible material allows it to fit in kitchen sink as well.

  • Non-slip bath mat
  • Non-skid backing includes large suction cups
  • Loofah-like surface texture
  • Helps prevent pet hair from going into the drain
  • Flexible material to fit a variety of spaces

Item #:DOG9279
Reg. $34.61

Create a hassle free indoor or outdoor exercise area for your pet! Created from durable wire with a solid hinge design that is easy to set up and fold down for convenient use and storage. Featuring a door-in-door construction, this pen is convenient for letting your pet in and out, as well as to pass food, water, toys and accessories through without letting your pet out. The pen is great for use outdoors or for keeping your pet in a specific area within the house during busy times. Extremely versatile, the pen can also be formatted into various shapes including a rectangle, octagon, square or single fence line to accommodate your pets needs while keeping in mind the space provided around you.

  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Durable Wire Construction
  • Door-in-Door Design
  • Can be Formatted into the Shape of a Rectangle, Octagon, Square or Fence Line 

Item #:DOG5123
Reg. $84.61
Low profile liner adds luxurious comfort to crates or wherever your dog enjoys relaxing.

Perfect to add comfort to crates or as a low profile bed anywhere in your home, the Shedrow K9 by Bowsers Luxury Crate Mat features luxurious new Micro Plush Teddy fabric. A cross between plush fur and velvet, Micro Plush Teddy Fabric is durable, short pile and tightly woven to withstand excessive wear and resist shedding and pilling.

  • Micro Plush Teddy Fabric resists shedding and pilling
  • Tightly woven material resists excessive wear
  • Ideal crate liner or as a low profile bed
  • S: 17" x 23", M: 19" x 30", L: 24" x 36", XL: 28" x 42", XXL: 30" x 48"

Item #:DOG6729
Reg. $61.53
Overstuffed rectangle dog bed made from premium fabric and fill. Available in three generous sizes.

Overstuffed furniture-grade High Memory fibre fill bring new life to this traditional bed shape. Available in three generous sizes, the Shedrow K9 by Bowsers Super Loft Bed is a great option for larger dogs that like to stretch out. Removable cover made from luxurious upholstery fabric is secured by zippers making it easy to clean. Note: this product may incur added shipping costs.

  • High Memory fibre fill
  • Removable cover made from premium fabrics
  • Generously sized: L: 24" x 36", XL: 32" x 44", XXL: 35" x 52"
  • Note: this product may incur added shipping costs.

Item #:DOG6730
Reg. $88.45
Functional, elegant dog bed crafted from luxurious fabric uses zippers to secure its cushions.

Contemporary, streamlined shape and clean lines found in this latest trend setting design define elegance and function. Innovative one piece design, the Urban Lounger uses zippers to secure cushions into the bed, making it a worthy opponent for dogs who tend to pull up and chew their pillows. Created with luxurious upholstery fabrics and furniture-grade fill, Shedrow K9 by Bowsers Dog beds offer the ultimate in canine comfort.

  • Zippers secure cushions into bed
  • Elegant, contemporary design
  • Luxurious upholstery fabrics
  • Furniture-grade fill

Item #:DOG6728
Reg. $84.61

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