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One-stop shopping for the avid equestrian planning their show season.

Our Braiding Gift Pack comes complete with everything you need to make the perfect braid! This gift pack is a great idea for any avid rider who enjoys showing. Package includes:

  • GRO4334 - Plastic Spray Bottle
  • GRO4337 - Supra Pull Through Braiding Hook
  • GRO4338 - Supra Band & Braid Cutter
  • GRO4354 - Supra Braiding Comb
  • GRO4357 - Supra Aluminum Pulling Comb
  • GRO4360BK - Supra Braiding Elastics
  • GRO4365  - Supra Seam Ripper
  • GRO4562II - Supra Soft Touch Mane & Tail Brush

Item #:GRO4516
Reg. $22.78     SALE: $13.07
All tools needed for keeping your horse's coat gleaming, organized into a cute and portable tote.

Conveniently packaged and priced, the Grooming Gift package is one of our best sellers. Offering equestrians a variety of grooming tools included in a handy Shedrow ring tote will ensure you keep all of your tools together and tidy. Package includes:

  • GRO1020  - Ring Tote
  • GRO1000 - Supra Large Dandy
  • GRO4333 - Finishing Brush
  • GRO4350 - Plastic Curry
  • GRO4388 - Harness Sponge
  • GRO0016 - Jelly Scrubber
  • GRO4380 - Vinyl Hoof Pick
  • GRO4349 - Mane Comb
  • GRO4366 - Shedding Blade
  • GRO4468 - Goat Hair Face Brush

Item #:GRO4515
Reg. $43.38     SALE: $23.07
An essential junior grooming set, designed for small hands!

Created for the junior equestrian, this package offers 6 grooming tools sized right for smaller hands. Complete with all of the essential grooming tools and a grooming caddy to keep all of your belongings together between uses. Package includes the following items (some colour choices may be available at checkout):

  • Supra Junior Body Brush (GRO1012)
  • Supra Junior Dandy Brush (GRO1011)
  • Supra Mini Rubber Curry Comb (GRO4449)
  • Supra Plastic Mane Comb (GRO4349)
  • Supra Small Grooming Caddy (GRO4785)
  • Supra Soft Touch Hoof Pick (GRO2008)

Item #:GRO4519
Reg. $20.95     SALE: $13.07
A fun and colourful grooming kit that is soft in your hands but tough on dirt!

A fun and colourful grooming kit that is soft in your hands but tough on dirt! The Soft Touch Grooming Kit comes with a variety of grooming essentials, all part of the Soft Touch collection, to make grooming comfortable and easy! Kit comes with 8 of the following grooming tools:

  • Supra Rubber Curry Comb (GRO4351)
  • Supra Small Grooming Caddy (GRO4785)
  • Supra Soft Touch Dandy Brush (GRO4565)
  • Supra Soft Touch Face Brush (GRO4567)
  • Supra Soft Touch Flexi Body Brush (GRO4568)
  • Supra Soft Touch Hoof Pick With Brush (GRO4563)
  • Supra Soft Touch Mane & Tail Comb (GRO4562)
  • Supra Soft Touch Sweat Scraper (GRO4561)

Item #:PKG0080
Reg. $45.32     SALE: $26.92

Supra Deluxe Grooming Package

Item #:PKG0070
Reg. $111.24     SALE: $76.92
Introducing four new patterns! Add a little fun to your grooming routine with this colourful collection!

Add some glam to your grooming routine with the Supra Fashion Grooming Package! This package contains a set of brushes and a Shedrow Ring Tote to neatly organize and transport your grooming items. This set comes in a variety of pattern and colour options, which can be chosen at checkout.

  • GRO1020 – Shedrow Ring Tote
  • GRO4751 – Body Brush
  • GRO4753 – Dandy Brush
  • GRO4754 – Face Brush
  • GRO4756 – Plastic Curry Comb
  • GRO4757 – Sweat Scraper
  • GRO4758 – Hoof Pick w/ Brush

Item #:PKG0069
Reg. $42.25     SALE: $23.07
Ideal for the young rider, this kit contains everything they'll need to keep their pony clean!

Perfect for children who are just starting out, or for individuals searching for a complete package, this grooming kit comes finished with everyday essentials. Created in a smaller construction, this kit is perfect for the junior horse lover and is sure to impress with its matching colour combinations.

  • Grooming box
  • Plastic curry comb
  • Soft curry comb
  • Body brush
  • Dandy brush
  • Oil brush with container
  • Hoof pick with horse head design
  • Aluminum mane comb with wooden handle
  • Braiding rubber bands

Item #:GRO4761
Reg. $26.92
Bathing essentials conveniently sold together to help keep your mount squeaky clean.

The Supra Squeaky Clean Wash Kit will have your mount looking fantastic for any occasion!  Complete with a sweat scraper, sponge, jelly scrubber and micro fiber wash mitt, this kit has everything you need to keep your mount looking magnificent every day!

  • Sweat scraper
  • Sponge
  • Jelly scrubber
  • Micro fiber wash mitt

Item #:GRO4784
Reg. $9.99
2 for $75! Save when you purchase 2 together!

Save when you purchase in multiples of 2! Perfect in or out of the saddle, the Tempo Technical Quarter Zip provides comfort and style in warmer weather while offering UV40 protection. The breathable mesh underarm offers ventilation and its elegant collar provides a classic look when layered. Complete with a quarter zip front with contrast zipper for additional style.

  • UV40 protection
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Mesh  Underarm
  • Collar
  • Quarter Zip

Item #:PKG0097
Reg. $92.29     SALE: $57.69

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