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One-stop shopping for the avid equestrian planning their show season.

Our Braiding Gift Pack comes complete with everything you need to make the perfect braid! This gift pack is a great idea for any avid rider who enjoys showing. Package includes:

  • GRO4334 - Plastic Spray Bottle
  • GRO4337 - Supra Pull Through Braiding Hook
  • GRO4338 - Supra Band & Braid Cutter
  • GRO4354 - Supra Braiding Comb
  • GRO4357 - Supra Aluminum Pulling Comb
  • GRO4360BK - Supra Braiding Elastics
  • GRO4365  - Supra Seam Ripper
  • GRO4562II - Supra Soft Touch Mane & Tail Brush

Item #:GRO4516
Reg. $13.07
All tools needed for keeping your horse's coat gleaming, organized into a cute and portable tote.

Conveniently packaged and priced, the Grooming Gift package is one of our best sellers. Offering equestrians a variety of grooming tools included in a handy Shedrow ring tote will ensure you keep all of your tools together and tidy. Package includes:

  • GRO1020  - Ring Tote
  • GRO1000 - Supra Large Dandy (Assorted Colours)
  • GRO4333 - Finishing Brush
  • GRO4350 - Plastic Curry
  • GRO4388 - Harness Sponge
  • GRO0016 - Jelly Scrubber (Assorted Colours)
  • GRO4380 - Vinyl Hoof Pick (Assorted Colours)
  • GRO4349 - Mane Comb (Assorted Colours)
  • GRO4366 - Shedding Blade
  • GRO4468 - Goat Hair Face Brush Please note, GRO4468 is currently out of stock and being substituted by GRO4567 - Supra Soft Touch Face Brush

Item #:GRO4515
Reg. $23.07
Instead of using your barn's communal equipment, shop our one-stop-shop for grooming and riding essentials.

Instead of using your barn’s communal equipment, shop Greenhawk’s Lesson Essential Package, a one-stop-shop for both grooming and riding needs for you and your horse. Package includes (size options available at checkout):

Troxel Sport Helmet (DRC0511)

Shedrow Poly Lead (HAL4801)

Supra Crop (DRG0830)

Choice of Konekt Gloves (SUB1050)

Greenline Nickers Original Horse Treats (SUV8862)

Supra Jelly Scrubber (GRO0016)

Shedrow Ring Tote (GRO1020)

Supra Medium Dandy Brush (GRO4323)

Supra Finishing Brush (GRO4333)

Supra Plastic Mane Comb (GRO4349)

Supra Plastic Curry Comb (GRO4350)

Supra Shed N Blade (GRO4366)

Supra Metal Hoof Pick W/ Vinyl Grip (GRO4380)

Small Synthetic Harness Sponge (GRO4388)

Supra Small Goat Hair Brush (GRO4468)

Item #:PKG0124
Reg. $76.92

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