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3 Simple Words Piccoli 14" Plush Unicorn w/Rainbow Saddle

Item #:GIF7867
Reg. $25.38

3 Simple Words Piccoli 6" Plush Horse

Item #:GIF7866
Reg. $12.30

3 Simple Words Piccoli Horses

Item #:GIF7865
Reg. $25.38

Whimsical and colourful, the Blueberryripple Unicorn is a wonderful additional to any child’s stuffed toy collection. Featuring an oversized head and eyes, multicolour detailing and shiny horn, this adorable plush is impossible to resist

  • Multi-coloured
  • Oversized head and eyes
  • Impossible to resist!

Item #:GIF6937
Reg. $9.22

This cute, cuddly and soft plush Prancer is perfect for your little equestrian!  Only ten inches high, this little pony can fit into little hands.  The surface is washable to keep Prancer looking pretty and new every day.  All materials are childsafe but please supervise when in use.

  • Cute, cuddly and soft
  • Ten inches high
  • Surface is machine washable
  • Materials are child safe but recommend supervision

Item #:GIF6458
Reg. $16.92

Flopsie Diego Horse 12' Plush

Item #:GIF7721
Reg. $16.92

Flopsie Piper Pony 12' Plush

Item #:GIF7723
Reg. $16.92

Flopsie Prism Unicorn 12' Plush

Item #:GIF7722
Reg. $16.92

Flopsie Rainbow Unicorn Plush Horse

Item #:GIF7250
Reg. $16.92

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