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Breyer "Pony for Christmas" Ornament

Item #:GIF7637
Reg. $23.07

Breyer Fjord - Beautiful Breeds Ornament

Item #:GIF7636
Reg. $23.07

Breyer Majesty - Unicorn Ornament

Item #:GIF7635
Reg. $23.07

Breyer Minstrel - 2019 Stirrup Ornament

Item #:GIF7633
Reg. $23.07
Hand-painted holiday classic.

Authentic sculpture adorned with hand-painted detailing and unparalleled artistry for pieces that catch the eye of new customers and Breyer collectors alike. This hand-painted holiday classic has “Minstrel 2019” on his belly. His silver bay coat is adorned with ornate masquerade attire. From his mysterious golden mask to the crystals dangling around his neck, he is the picture of holiday festivity! His faux-fur trimmed blanket has a pouch for his instruments, and his costuming is bedecked with tassels, beads, and holly.

  • Hand painted detailing
  • Silver bay coat
  • Ornate masquerade attire
  • Mysterious golden mask
  • Crystals dangling around his neck
  • Faux-fur trimmed blanket with pouch for instruments
  • Bedecked with tassels beads, and holly

Item #:GIF7632
Reg. $61.53

Breyer Plume - Carousel Ornament

Item #:GIF7634
Reg. $23.07

Candym Mare and Foal Art Heart

Item #:GIF7835
Reg. $22.30

Candym Paw Prints Art Heart

Item #:GIF7836
Reg. $22.30

Candym The Best Things Cat Art Heart

Item #:GIF7837
Reg. $22.30

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