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Multifunctional cooler features two layers of Stay-dry lining for ultimate moisture-wicking.

Offering versatile functionality, the Bucas Shamrock Power Cooler boasts dual-layered Stay-dry lining to ensure your horse is comfortable even when being used after exercise or washing. Featuring a low friction exterior and anti-bacterial lining, Bucas’ Power Cooler is easy to keep clean. Padded front area and shoulder darts enhance this cooler’s comfort, while internal elastic surcingles keep it secure.

  • Dual-layer Stay-dry fabric
  • Anti-bacterial lining
  • Low friction outer finish minimizes the amount of bedding material from sticking
  • Padded front area provides additional comfort and protects from front strap and fasteners
  • Shoulder darts for extra shoulder room and a perfect fit
  • Internal elastic surcingles
  • Fillet String included

Item #:BLC3056
Reg. $115.38
Anti-sweat sheet ideal for cooling your mount after you ride.

Increased fleece weight and improved anti pilling properties make this anti-sweat sheet ideal for cooling your mount after you ride. Complete with nylon lined shoulders to reduce rubbing, crossed biased surcingles and two front straps for a great fit. 380gm weight fleece both looks and feels luxurious. Not intended for turnout.

  • Anti-sweat sheet ideal for cooling out
  • Nylon lined shoulders
  • Cross biased surcingles
  • Two front straps for closure
  • Sizes: XXS(60-62"), XS (64-68"), S (70-72"), M (74-76"),L (78-80"), XL (82-84")

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Item #:BLC1653
Reg. $61.53     SALE: $26.92
Luxurious folded neckline on the Shedrow Melange Fleece Sheet offers comfort and style and at a great price!

The Shedrow Melange fleece sheet offers style and luxury at a great price! Created from soft, durable fleece and finished with contrast piping and a thick, triple stitched trim, this cooler is perfect for stable or trophy use. Doubled fleece neckline offers additional warmth and flair.

  • Nylon lined shoulders
  • Single nylon front buckle
  • Tail cord

Item #:BLC3049
Reg. $76.92
The classic and ever-popular Newmarket stripes adorn a soft, double bonded fleece cooler.

Classic in style, the ever popular and stunning Newmarket stripes are available in one of the most desired sheet. The Shedrow Newmarket Deluxe Fleece Cooler is perfect for show or everyday use making this a must have sheet for every equestrian.

  • Nylon lined chest
  • Two solid front buckles
  • Cross surcingles
  • Bound and trimmed
  • Double donuts on surcingles
  • Discreet tailcord

Item #:BLC0030
Reg. $107.68
Full-coverage rain sheet ideal for competing on wet weather days.

Perfect while ring or trackside, the Shedrow Ringside Rainsheet provides protection to your horse, tack and equipment. High neck construction shields more of your horse from rain than a typical rain sheet. Nylon tie closures enable this sheet to be easily taken on and off, while the unique design may also be folded back to offer a square cooler effect. Not suitable for unattended use.

  • 210 denier nylon outer shell
  • Taped and sealed side seams
  • High neck for maximum coverage
  • 1" nylon ties

Item #:BLC1632
Reg. $38.45
Elegant cooler with moisture management coating for superb wicking and cooling out properties.

The Shedrow Super Dry Cooler utilizes the newest and most advanced wicking technologies and coatings available making this an elegant, first class cooler or dress sheet. A “Moisture Management” coating from CIBA ensures superb wicking and cooling out properties. Ideal for spring, summer and fall or as a year round cooler it is a suitable show cooler but priced right for everyday use.

  • Velcro on the inside front flaps
  • Stretchy elastic inserts with backup strapping
  • Cross surcingles
  • Double donuts on the surcingle hardware
  • Doubled nylon front strap with tuck away tab
  • Double stitched binding for durability
  • Expert stitching at all stress points
  • Tail cord

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Item #:BLC0023
Reg. $69.22     SALE: $53.84
Smooth yet tough dirt-resistant shell lined with luxurious fleece.

Our Shedrow West Palm Dress Sheet features show circuit looks in a stunning design. A smooth to the touch, yet tough outer poly shell is bonded to a luxurious inner fleece lining. The outer shell is a rich feeling material, resistant to shavings and easy to dust off. Ideal for trophy or show circuit use.

  • Medium weight fleece lining
  • Breathable
  • Water resistant
  • Expertly bound and trimmed
  • Cross-biased surcingles
  • Velcro closure on the inside front chest

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Item #:BLC0024
Reg. $107.68
Moisture-wicking, stylish fleece cooler for post-ride rejuvination.

Functional and stylish, this fitted fleece cooler is made from moisture wicking fleece, perfect for use after riding or bathing. With crossed biased surcingles and double front straps, the Supra Fleece Cooler will offer your mount warmth and comfort in cooler weather. Designed for attended use, this cooler is not compatible with leg straps.

  • Fitted fleece cooler
  • Use after riding or bathing to help prevent catching chills
  • Crossed biased surcingles
  • Double front straps
  • Made for attended use

Item #:BLC3055
Reg. $38.45     SALE: $30.76
Full coverage fleece cooler perfect for use after a long ride, post-competition, or after a bath.

Super soft suede fleece covers your horse from poll to tail while two Velcro straps under the neck, two buckles in front of the chest, cross-biased belly straps keep the cooler in place. Perfect for full coverage cooling after a long ride, post-competition, or after a bath. Recommended for supervised use.

  • super soft suede covers horse from poll to tail
  • two Velcro straps under the neck
  • two buckles in front of the chest
  • cross-biased surcingles
  • recommended for supervised use

Item #:BLC3068
Reg. $46.15

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