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Fly Sheets

Helps promote circulation and blood flow through FIR technology.

Breathable mesh made up of ceramic nano-particles that emit far-infrared rays keeping back muscles warm and relaxed. Sheet harmonizes bodily functions safely and naturally, stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness. Complete with belly surcingle, front buckles and tail cord.

  • Made of ceramic nano-particles
  • Infused with Far Infrared fibers
  • Increase circulation and oxygen flow
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Belly surcingle
  • Front buckles
  • Tail Cord

Item #:BLD1752
Reg. $283.85
Lightweight fly sheet with zebra pattern confuses flies to help keep them away from your horse.

Lightweight fly sheet helps shield your horse against insects. Fine mesh design helps keep small insects at bay, while reducing the effects of UV exposure on your horse’s coat. Attached neck and belly pad offer complete coverage while helping to keep the sheet in place. Zebra stripe pattern further helps repel flies as research has shown the stripes confuse them. Shoulder darts, silk-feel lining, tail flap, and leg straps.

  • Zebra mesh fly rug
  • T-bar with Snap-lock front closure
  • Attached hood covers mane and neck
  • Elasticized, detachable belly pad
  • Shoulder darts
  • Silk-feel lining on the shoulders helps prevent rubs
  • Elasticated browband to help secure neck piece
  • Reduces the effects of UV rays
  • Tail flap
  • Fillet string
  • Leg straps

Item #:BLS4083
Reg. $111.53
Waterproof and sun reflective, a perfect pairing with the Sun Shower Sheet.

With only a layer of outer fabric and no lining, the Sun Shower Combi Neck is waterproof yet lightweight and breathable and can easily be attached to the rug to provide additional coverage from the rain and sun. A comfortable elastic jawline and 3 Velcro hook & loop straps prevent slipping.

  • Unlined
  • Waterproof yet lightweight and breathable
  • Easily attach to rug with 3 Velcro hook & loop straps
  • Comfortable elastic jawline
  • Sun reflective

Item #:BLD1765
Reg. $45.38
Lightweight sheet features both waterproof and sun reflective properties for the transitional autumn months.

For days when other turnouts are too heavy and warm, the Bucas Sun Shower is the perfect choice. A mesh lining enhances breathability while the waterproof Teflon-coated shell keeps your horse dry on rainy days while reflecting UV rays to keep your horse cool on sunny days. Attaches in front of the chest with Velcro and two cross-biased surcingles keep the blanket in place during play, and two attachment points offer the option of adding leg straps. Lined with a super-soft silk-like fabric on the shoulders to help prevent rubs. Complete with a tail flap and compatible with Bucas Combi Neck hoods.

  • Mesh lining enhances breathability
  • Waterproof Teflon coating
  • Reflects UV rays
  • Cross-biased surcingles
  • Lined with silk-like fabric to help avoid rubs
  • Attachment points for leg straps
  • Tail flap
  • Compatible with Bucas Combi Neck hoods

Item #:BLS4082
Reg. $115.38
Specially designed fabric helps stop even the smallest insects from pestering your horse.

Specially designed fabric helps stop even the smallest insects from pestering your horse. With enhanced barriers at the mane and tail, this fly sheet is a must have for horses prone to Sweet itch. Neck extends to the ears and features a browband strap to keep it secure, while detachable bellyband shields from the elbow to the sheath for a true full-body cover. Zebra stripe pattern further helps repel flies as research has shown the stripes confuse them. Generous tail flap, shoulder darts, UV protection and leg straps.

  • Elasticized, detachable belly band
  • Attached hood covers mane and neck
  • Strong polyester fabric
  • Specially developed fabric for small sweet itch bugs
  • Reduces the effects of UV rays
  • Shoulder darts
  • Snap-lock front closure
  • Silk-feel lining on shoulders to help prevent rubs
  • Leg straps
  • Large tail flap
  • Stripe pattern scientifically proven to confuse and repel flies

Item #:BLS4084
Reg. $146.15

Perfect for fly season, these boots feature a contoured shape with adjustable Velcro® closures to provide the best fit for your equine. Constructed from heavy duty, UV protected nylon mesh that resists wrinkles and stains while remaining breathable. Complete with a fleece lining for comfort and reinforced webbing to help keep the boot in place.

  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • UV Protective Nylon Mesh
  • Resists Stains & Wrinkles
  • Contoured Shape
  • Velcro® Closures
  • Reinforced Webbing
  • Fleece Lining
  • Polyester Rip-Stop Technology

Item #:BOD2924
Reg. $49.99
Breathable sheet with hood to protect from flies and sun bleaching.

Protect your horse from flies and sun bleaching while keeping them cool in Shedrow’s Air Flow Sheet with Hood. Mesh panels allow for air to flow through the sheet on even the hottest summer days. Features a detachable hood, hidden surcingle, and adjustable leg straps.

  • Protects from flies and sun bleaching
  • Mesh keeps horse cool
  • Detachable hood
  • Hidden surcingle
  • Adjustable leg straps

Item #:BLS4044
Reg. $84.61
Features a stretchy insert above the withers to help avoid friction while grazing.

The Shedrow Extend-A-Neck Fly Sheet is constructed from a soft, tight weave mesh designed to provide the ultimate protection against flies and bugs for your horse.  Total freedom of movement whilst retaining the important close fit needed for fly problems.  A clever stretchy gusset inserted between the rug and neck cover keeps the horse comfortable when grazing and helps prevent rubs by allowing free movement for the horse.

  • Soft, tight weave mesh
  • Ultimate protection against flies and bugs
  • Freedom of movement with a stretchy gusset
  • Important close fit needed for fly problems

Item #:BLC3040
Reg. $84.61
Cotton blend sheet is ideal for after bathing or at horse shows

The Shedrow Irish Weave Knit is a great versatile sheet.  Made from an 80% cotton 20% polyester blend, this sheet comes with a two buckle open front, adjustble front surcingle and detachable elastic leg straps.

  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Two buckle open front
  • Adjustable front surcingle
  • Detachable elastic leg straps

Item #:BLC3043
Reg. $61.53

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