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Stall Bandages

Set of 4 Shedrow Stall Bandages sold with a set of 4 Shedrow Quilted Cotton Stall Bandages.

The Quilted Cotton Stall bandage package offers equestrians a convenient and value-packed deal. Excellent for after a workout or competition, the packages allows you to choose your colour for the Shedrow Stall Bandage.

Package includes:

  • 4 Shedrow Stall Bandages (Choice of colour)
  • 4 Shedrow Quilted Cotton Stall Bandages

Item #:BAC2001
Reg. $44.60     SALE: $34.61
4x9 stall bandage constructed from premium acrylic, complete with a sturdy Velcro closure.

Ideal for wrapping overnight or after strenuous exercise, the Shedrow Stall Bandage is constructed from premium acrylic for comfort and durability.

  • Premium Acrylic
  • Velcro® Closure
  • Measures 4” Wide & 9’ Long

Item #:BAB3000
Reg. $21.53

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