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Show Gloves

Sleek and stylish with a silicone grip. Suitable for the show ring or schooling.

Using the latest in silicone pattern technology, these gloves offer a truly platinum grip! Konekt Grip Riding Gloves are a sleek, stylish, and made of synthetic leather, suiting them to either the show or schooling ring. Complete with a Velcro back closure for a secure fit.

  • Synthetic leather
  • Microfiber palm with silicone grip pattern
  • Velcro back closure
  • Suitable for the show ring

Item #:DRC7863
Reg. $26.92
An excellent all-around leather glove; elastic gathers at the wrist for a comfortable fit.

An excellent all-around leather glove. These gloves are ideal for riding, barn work, or everyday wear. These enduring leather gloves feature an elastic gather at the wrist for a secure fit as well as convenient aeration holes for added breathability. Complete with side elastic panels for added comfort and freedom of movement.

  • All-leather glove
  • Elastic gather at wrist
  • Aeration holes
  • Side elastic panels
  • Lightweight

Item #:DRC0493
Reg. $23.07

Konekt Solace Gloves

Item #:DRC9631
Reg. $30.76

Konekt Solace Gloves Kids'

Item #:DRC9632
Reg. $23.07
Made from Roeck-Grip material, they provide a sensitive feel on the reins, while still offering great grip.

The Roeckl Roeck-Grip Glove is a lightweight close fitting glove, made from exclusive Roeck-Grip material. They provide a sensitive feel on the reins, while still offering an excellent grip. The material is fast dyed and machine washable. The Roeck-Grip Glove features a tab fastener across the back of the hand that adjusts easily for a snug and individual fit. This glove is perfect for the schooling ring due to its comfortable and functional design.

  • Lightweight
  • Close Fitting
  • Vesta Synthetic Leather
  • Excellent Grip
  • Machine Washable
  • Tab Fastener Across the Back of the Hand
  • Individual Fit

Item #:DRC1877
Reg. $65.38
A thinner and more discreet glove offering exceptional airflow and flexibility.

The V-Skin Hunter gloves are designed for riders who prefer thinner and more discreet gloves than the standard V-Skin. The silicone straps on the palm have been removed in order to obtain a thinner glove without compromising its strength and grip. An ultra-thin perforated synthetic skin offers maximum airflow and flexibility while the hydrophobic and reinforced suede contribute to exceptional grip and durability. The tone-on-tone stitching and the black Samshield logos add an elegant finish.

  • For riders who prefer a thinner and more discreet glove
  • Ultra-thin perforated synthetic skin offers maximum comfort, flexibility, durability, airflow and lightweight
  • Strong hydrophobic microfiber suede fabric offers exceptional grip, incredible flexibility, great hand-to-horse connection and extreme durability
  • Reinforced Lycra: provides extreme flexibility, high-end comfort and constant fit
  • Double-width Spandex: offers a perfect fit with the wrist

Item #:DRC9708
Reg. $71.53
Designed off extensive rider research and surveys to create the ultimate riding glove.

Samshield V2 Skin Gloves are designed with functionality and durability in mind. Based off extensive research and rider surveys, Samshield has created a glove that combines synthetic leather, suede, lycra and spandex for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. Complete with perforated backing for breathability and silicone for added grip and security.

  • Ultra Thin Riding Glove
  • Breathable
  • Silicone Grip
  • Combination of 4 Materials

Item #:DRC9189
Reg. $91.53
Five layers of technical material strategically combined to offer performance and protection from the cold.

The W-Skin gloves feature five different materials layered strategically to provide high performance protection against the cold: the first layer of goatskin leather ensures a functional water- and windproof barrier while providing elegant soft comfort; the second layer incorporates Thinsulate® technology, a breathable and moisture-resistant synthetic microfiber which insulates by trapping cold air molecules; the third layer is a micro-polarfleece that’s as warm as wool but softer, lighter, and easier to wash, as well as hydrophobic for better sweat control. The palm is a combination of a strong suede fabric with real silicone grip and a windproof mesh, offering extreme flexibility and durability on top of exceptional hand-to-horse connection.

  • First layer: goatskin leather for elegance
  • Second layer: Thinsulate® technology for non-bulky insulation
  • Third layer: micro-polarfleece for cozy warmth
  • Top layers: Strong suede and windproof mesh with real silicone grip

Item #:DRC9190
Reg. $101.53
Tastefully accented with elegant Swarovski and machine washable for practical everyday use.

The SSG 2000 Bling is the familiar and popular 2000 Grand Prix offering great feel and fit, with classical elegance and flash!

  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable and comfortable, Squasuede® palm and back
  • Tastefully enhanced with Swarovski® Austrian crystals

Item #:DRC2140
Reg. $38.45

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