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Helps circulate air for odour control and maintains boot shape for longevity.

This affordable Boot Shaper set helps to maintain the original shape of tall boots. Keeping boots in an upright position allows for circulation of air for natural drying of moisture and perspiration. Excellent for prolonging the life of any tall boot!
• Easy grip handle
• Expands to fit your boots
• Unique handle for easy removal


Item #:DRD1132
Reg. $11.53
Heavy duty plastic boot jack makes removing boots and shoes quick and easy!

This Plastic Boot Jack is durable and makes removing boots and shoes a snap. Made from heavy duty plastic, this boot jack is affordable and will not disappoint!
• Plastic grip panel
• Foot treads
• East to use design


Item #:DRD0967
Reg. $7.68
Travel-sized. Store it in your trailer for use at shows and events.

URAD Boot Polish with Applicator is simply amazing.  Wipe a very small amount onto your shoes and boots and the colour comes back, and an instant shine appears!  The smaller size jar with attached applicator is perfect for traveling.

  • Colour comes back
  • Instant shine
  • Attached applicator
  • Smaller jar

Item #:STO9604
Reg. $10.76
Cleans, conditions, protects and polishes while extending the life of leather goods. Applicator sponge include

Perfect for show days, or maintaining your everyday leather goods and boots, this cream features an applicator sponge beneath the lid for convenience and ease while traveling. An all in one solution, this cream cleans, conditions, protects and polishes while extending the life of all of your leather goods.

  • Applicator Sponge
  • All in  One Solution
  • Cleans, Conditions, Protects and Polishes
  • Aids in Extending the Life of Your Leather Goods
  • Neutral in Colour

Item #:STO9609
Reg. $19.22

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