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ThinLine wrapped reins offer unparalleled grip and flexibility.

Show jumpers and dressage riders agree that these reins are a favourite because of their unparallelled grip. Guaranteed to not slip even when wet, these reins are comfortable to hold no matter the situation. Nylon base wrapped with ThinLine for flexible strength and consistency. Measuring ¾” in thickness, ThinLine reins are also suitable for those with smaller hands and arthritis. Does not come with stops.

  • ¾” thick
  • Nylon base wrapped in ThinLine
  • Non-slip

Item #:RIE6855
Reg. $99.99
Contoured half pad offers maximum shock absorption with minimal thickness.

A larger contoured shape creates easier wither clearance for horses of all shapes. With a ventilated spine free channel, this pad lays evenly on either side of the spine. Delivering the maximum in shock absorbency with the minimum thickness.

  • Larger contoured shape creates easier wither clearance
  • Ventilated spine free channel
  • Lays evenly on either side of the spine
  • Maximum in shock absorbency
  • Minimal thickness

Item #:RIE7000
Reg. $215.38

ThinLine 'Ultra Thin' Half Pad The Ultra ThinLine Half Pad is one of our basic ThinLine pads that covers only the weight bearing surface of the saddle and is designed to be very minimal and discreet. This pad will mold to your horse's shape when warmed to body temperature and should be used on top of your regular saddle pad, directly underneath your saddle. It does flex and move with horse so there is no pinching or pulling across the withers or spine.

Item #:RIE5216
Reg. $107.68

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