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Double jointed snaffle crafted from Sensogan® metal alloy features a unique rotated link.

Suitable for a variety of disciplines and levels of expertise, the KK Ultra Full Cheek Double Jointed Snaffle transmits the pressure of the rein aids directly onto the tongue and the lower jaw without leverage action on the poll, while the full cheek fixtures help keep the bit steady. The unique link is shorter than most double jointed links, and is rotated 45° to the front to adapt to your horse’s oral anatomy.

  • Applies pressure to tongue and lower jaw
  • Unique link is shorter than typical bit links
  • Link is rotated 45° to adapt to horse’s anatomy

Item #:BIE2089
Reg. $235.38
Tastefully accented with elegant Swarovski and machine washable for practical everyday use.

The SSG 2000 Bling is the familiar and popular 2000 Grand Prix offering great feel and fit, with classical elegance and flash!

  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable and comfortable, Squasuede® palm and back
  • Tastefully enhanced with Swarovski® Austrian crystals

Item #:DRC2140
Reg. $44.61
Features the perfect combination of genuine cabretta leather and synthetic leather with an Aquasuede palm.

The SSG 4200 All Weather Hybrid Glove offers the perfect combination of genuine cabretta leather back and synthetic leather. This glove is extremely comfortable, and will keep your hands dry and warm in all weather conditions. The SSG 4200 All Weather Hybrid glove offers the best of both world with appearance and grip.

  • Genuine Cabretta leather
  • Synthetic leather
  • Aquasuede palm
  • Breathable
  • Durable

Item #:DRC6404
Reg. $38.45
4-way laminated Lycra stretch outer shell with a Thinsulate™ lining and touch screen friendly grip.

4-way laminated Lycra stretch outer shell increases waterproofing and flexibility while a Thinsulate™ lining and Polar Fleece insulation keeps body heat close. Complete with the touch screen friendly SSG Digital Palm for enhanced grip and durability.

  • 4-way laminated Lycra stretch outer shell improves waterproofing and flexibility
  • Thinsulate™ lining
  • Polar fleece insulation
  • Touch screen friendly
  • SSG Digital Palm


Item #:DRC9777
Reg. $46.15
All-purpose children’s winter riding glove is both waterproof and warm.

Subtle in style and generous in warmth, the SSG 7300 Children’s Sno Gloves ensure hands stay warm whether kids are riding or hanging around the barn. Thinsulate and fleece lining give dual-layered warmth without the bulk, while the waterproof outer shell shields from winter weather conditions to complete this all-purpose winter glove.

  • Waterproof
  • Thinsulate and fleece lined
  • Children's winter glove

Item #:DRC8914
Reg. $30.76
The original unlined, long-wearing, and machine washable. Simple but effective.

The SSG All Weather 8600 gloves are perfect for any discipline! This glove is extremely versatile and will stand up to all weather conditions.

  • Unlined
  • Long wearing
  • Soft aquasuede plus palm
  • Sweat absorbing
  • Strong elasticized back
  • Velcro wrist closure

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Item #:DRC0408
Reg. $30.76
Ideal for every day wear, but can also translate into the show ring or driving.

The SSG Digital Glove provides the ultimate in feel, grip, breathability, and durability. These gloves feature an attractive digital pattern, which helps to increase grip and wear of the glove. Perfect for everyday use, and also suitable for showing or driving in.

  • Digital pattern
  • Velcro wrist closure
  • Breathable
  • Durable

Item #:DRC2134
Reg. $38.45

SSG Driving Glasses

Item #:DRD1042
Reg. $15.38
Innovative moisture wicking glove has a silicone grip pattern for ultimate slip resistance.

Innovative winter gloves wick moisture away from the hand to help prevent damp chills during winter rides.  Polartec® Powerstretch® glove provides ample warmth, while the silicone grip on the palm remains is flexible for ultimate slip resistance on the reins.

  • Warm and flexible
  • Polartec® Powerstretch® glove
  • Silicone palm grip for ultimate security on the reins
  • Wicks away moisture

Item #:DRC7896
Reg. $34.61

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