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Spiced Equestrian

Made of bamboo rayon and organic cotton, this shirt is stylish and comfortable.

Looking for a way to tell all your friends and family about your favourite activity? Look no further with the Spiced Equestrian Crazy Horse Lady Tee. Made in Canada with bamboo rayon and organic cotton, this crew neck tee will be sure to stand out.

  • Fitted cut
  • Crew neck
  • Bamboo rayon
  • Organic cotton

Item #:DRC9769
Reg. $30.76
Cute and comfy pullover with ¾-length Raglan sleeve and a raw-edged neckline.

Trendy metallic printed text boldly sums up a few of your favourite things on this comfy pullover. The loose, relaxed fit is perfect for lazy Sundays. Complete with fashionable ¾-length Raglan sleeves, a soft raw edged neckline, and durable ribbed cuffs.

  • Fashionable metallic print
  • Loose, relaxed fit
  • Raw edged neckline
  • ¾-length Raglan sleeves
  • Ribbed cuffs


Item #:DRC9767
Reg. $42.30
Cute and practical, this bow has enough bling to be beautiful and classic yet eye-catching.

Well made, this bow is designed to be both cute and practical. The bejeweled button gives this bow just enough bling to be eye catching while maintaining its classic beauty, making this Show Bow a favourite to many. Created by a Canadian company, this bow is well made.

  • Cute and practical
  • Bejeweled button gives the perfect amount of bling
  • Created by a Canadian company
  • Well made

Item #:DRD6933
Reg. $15.38
Basic hunter course written out in vintage inspired font with water-based ink.

The basic hunter course that we know all too well. Available in a fun retro typeface, this perfect crew neck is flattering and comfortable. Printed with signature water-based ink.

  • Basic hunter course written out in vintage inspired font with water-based ink


Item #:DRC9768
Reg. $30.76
Keep a better hold of your phone with the multipurpose horseshoe ring.

The Spiced Equestrian Horseshoe Ring will help to keep your phone in your hand and off the barn floor.  This convenient horseshoe designed ring adheres to the back of your phone case for a better hold on your phone. It can also act as a phone stand and magnet, so you can mount your phone in handy places. The easy to use sticker back makes it simple and straightforward to apply.

  • Ring spins for maximum purpose
  • For better grip of your phone
  • Magnetic ring
  • Ring also acts as a stand

Item #:GIF7619
Reg. $19.22
Cut like a bomber jacket but has cozy features and top notch style!

Jacket-like, super cozy and super stylish! Featuring a wide cowl hood that tucks up and stays put for riding but is big enough to go over a helmet. Complete with zippered pockets and faux suede details. Created to be bomber length for comfortable riding with extra-long sleeves for every equestrian activity.

  • Cut like a jacket but with cozy features
  • Wide cowl hood that tucks up for riding but is big enough to fit over a helmet
  • Zippered pockets
  • Faux suede details
  • Bomber length for comfortable riding
  • Extra-long sleeves

Item #:DRC9324
Reg. $99.99     SALE: $92.30

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