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Prized and raised by Bedouins, Arabians lived with families in the desert, sometimes even sleeping inside their tents! Today, these distinguished horses are easily recognizable by their tail carriage and head shape. Almost any horse breed can trace its roots back to an Arabian bloodline as Arabians were bred to benefit other breeds with their capability for speed and endurance as well as their predisposition to healthy bones. In terms of temperament, Arabians boast quick learning and agreeability coupled with vigilance and spirit. Known as 'The Versatile Arabian,' this breed is often awarded at endurance competitions and is a popular breed worldwide.

  • Many breeds can trace their roots back to the Arabian
  • Arabians are bred for their speed, endurance, and predisposition to healthy bones
  • Arabians are quick learning and agreeable
  • Versatile breed world wide for many disciplines

Item #:GIF6605
Reg. $6.92

Schleich Dachshund

Item #:GIF7700
Reg. $3.07

Serving humans for thousands of years, donkeys have fulfilled many tasks. In helping out on the farm, transporting goods, siring mules, keeping horses company, guarding sheep, and even being kept as pets, donkeys are very capable mammals. As beasts of burden, donkeys have adapted much and are valued for their ability to live in the desert. With their tough stomach and ability to efficiently retain water from food, donkeys surpass horses. Famous for aiding soldiers during times of war and for their overall dependability, the donkey population is increasing and is appreciated.

  • Donkeys are a fantastic multi-purpose breed
  • Great addition to any farm for all ages of equine enthusiasts
  • Known for their dependability, strength, and perseverance

Item #:GIF6612
Reg. $3.07

Originally from the Netherlands, ancestors of the modern-day Friesians valiantly carried Knights into battle, humbly worked on the farm, and victoriously competed in trotting races. Now, Frisians hold the privilege of serving as carriage horses, dressage competitors, circus participants, and many more. This active horse has countless desirable features including 'feathers' on their lower legs, thick manes and tails, healthy bone structure, good carriage, and willing temperaments. Ranging between fourteen and seventeen hands, this breed boasts a beautiful trot.

  • Originating from the Netherlands
  • Competitively shown as carriage horses, dressage horses, and more!
  • Countless signature trails including feathers on legs, good carriage, and willing temperament

Item #:GIF6608
Reg. $6.92

Schleich Frisian Stallion Riding Tournament

Item #:GIF7702
Reg. $14.61

Schleich Knapstrupper Foal

Item #:GIF7699
Reg. $5.38

Schleich Knapstrupper Stallion

Item #:GIF7698
Reg. $6.92
No Schleich stable is complete without this Labrador puppy figurine!

For the true puppy lover, this Adorable Labrador Retriever model will stay a puppy forever. The perfect dog to have around the farm or just as a pet, no Schleich stable is complete without this Labrador puppy figurine!

  • Labrador Retriever puppy figurine
  • Approximately 1.9” x 0.6” x 1.3” (W x D x H)

Item #:GIF7382
Reg. $3.07

Schleich Lipizzaner Stallion

Item #:GIF7697
Reg. $6.92

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