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Create a hassle free indoor or outdoor exercise area for your pet! Created from durable wire with a solid hinge design that is easy to set up and fold down for convenient use and storage. Featuring a door-in-door construction, this pen is convenient for letting your pet in and out, as well as to pass food, water, toys and accessories through without letting your pet out. The pen is great for use outdoors or for keeping your pet in a specific area within the house during busy times. Extremely versatile, the pen can also be formatted into various shapes including a rectangle, octagon, square or single fence line to accommodate your pets needs while keeping in mind the space provided around you.

  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Durable Wire Construction
  • Door-in-Door Design
  • Can be Formatted into the Shape of a Rectangle, Octagon, Square or Fence Line 

Item #:DOG5123
Reg. $84.61

Featuring an extra wide mouth and large slits for sifting dirty litter out of your litter box, this scoop additionally includes pointed tips and corners to help trap hard to reach waste.

  • Extra Wide Mouth
  • Large Slits
  • Pointed Tips

Item #:CAT0067
Reg. $2.30

Keep your cat’s food as fresh as the day you opened it. The Petmate Kitty Cap lid provides a tight seal to keep odors in while allowing the can to remain fresh. Featuring a cat head shaped construction this cap is easily able to fit four different sizes of cans. This cap is the perfect essential for every feline food can that has been opened and provides a friendly and easy eating experience.

  • Keeps Opened Canned Food Fresh
  • Provides a Tight Seal
  • Head Shaped Construction
  • Fits 4 Different Sizes of Cans

Item #:CAT0113
Reg. $1.92

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