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Ergonomically designed clipper features a precision tuned motor for a smooth gliding clip.

The A6 clipper combines Oster’s most compact ergonomic design ever built with a high efficiency, precision tuned, heavy duty motor that runs at over 4,000 SPM. It also features a patent pending drive system that provides an ultra-smooth and efficient cutting experience for the user. For additional comfort Oster has also added new patent pending VIBRATION ISOLATORS, that are centered around the motor, to help absorb vibration and noise resulting in a natural feel for all day grooming. The ZINC ALLOY technology combines a lightweight ergonomic feel with heavy duty long lasting durability.  A specially designed Clipper Faceplate helps keep the hair out while still being able to access the drive lever for quick and easy maintenance. Three Speeds provide the ultimate in versatility while grooming with convenient 1-handed operation.  A high efficiency motor provides a cooler running experience. Weighing in at 0.81lbs (12.9 oz) it’s Oster's lightest clipper minimizing hand fatigue and uses all A5 detachable blades. Complete with a 12’ power cord and #10 blade included.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Precision tuned
  • Ultra-smooth and efficient cutting
  • Vibration isolators absorb vibration and noise
  • Clipper faceplate keeps hair out while allowing access to drive lever
  • Three speeds
  • High efficiency motor
  • Weighs 0.81lbs
  • Uses all A5 detachable blades
  • 12’ power cord
  • #10 blade included

Item #:GRO4415
Reg. $176.15     SALE: $138.45
Easily flushes away hair that accumulates on your blades, helping to keep clippers running smoothly.

Essential for keeping your clipping tools finely-tuned and running smoothly, Oster Blade Wash easily flushes away hair that accumulates on your blades. Great for lubricating blades, helps minimize the development of rust, and removes factory-applied preservatives prior to the first use.

  • Flushes away accumulated hair
  • Lubricates blades
  • Helps prevent rust
  • Removes factory-applied preservatives
  • 16oz

Item #:GRO4414
Reg. $9.99
Replace the blades on your Oster Clipmaster with this set of top and bottom blades.

Replace the blades on your Oster Clipmaster with this set. Set includes one top blade(83 AU) and one bottom blade(84 AU), both crafted from heat-treated carbon steel. Cryogen-X™ technology process leaves these blades harder, sharper, and offers greater wear resistance than most blades on the market. Hand lapped for a smooth cut finish, blade leaves hairs 1.8 mm long.

  • Replacement blades for Oster Clipmaster
  • One top blade and one bottom blade
  • Treated for enhanced sharpness and durability
  • 1.8 mm long

Item #:GRO4436
Reg. $26.92     SALE: $21.53
Designed for trimming large animals, this machine clips efficiently at variable speeds.

Perfect for detailed clipping on horses, lambs and cattle, this lightweight, cool-running, versatile clipper gets the job done quickly and efficiently at variable speeds from 700 - 3000 strokes per minute. Complete with adjustable tension knob for easier blade adjustment and quiet, cool-running motor.

  • Variable speed, heavy-duty for body clipping
  • Contains: Clipping Machine with 3" head & 15' heavy-duty, insulated power cord 83AU top blade 84AU bottom blade Clipper Grease Lubricating Oil Toolbox Storage Case & Organizer

Item #:GRO4401
Reg. $322.31     SALE: $268.46
Patented Cryogen-X™ process takes the blades down to -300 degrees producing a harder, sharper blade.

All Oster® blades are put through a 12 step process guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship.  Oster® starts with a fine-grain carbon steel that is heat treated to create a hard surface for greater wear resistance, leveraging a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 62. Oster®’s patented Cryogen-X™ process takes the blades down to -300 degrees for a deep freeze, producing a harder, sharper blade which extends the product life. Each blade is then hand lapped for a smooth cut finish.

  • Leaves hair 1/16" - 1.5mm
  • Use for all sanitary work
  • Use under Oster universal comb attachments
  • Manufactured in the USA with superior craftsmanship and pride, these blades offer the essential tool for professional results groom after groom

Item #:GRO4418
Reg. $26.92     SALE: $21.53

Replacement Blades #15. Medium/Fine.

Item #:GRO4430
Reg. $26.92     SALE: $21.53

Replacement Blades #40. Very Close.

Item #:GRO4429
Reg. $26.92     SALE: $21.53
A must-have for professional groomers; two speeds allow for quick and precise body clip.

Heavy-duty professional corded animal clipper with a powerful universal rotary motor makes body clipping and winter maintenance a piece of cake. Glides through a thick, coarse winter coat quickly and easily while allowing for precise clipping. A second speed setting allows you to get the job done even quicker. Detachable and interchangeable blades (sold separately) ensure a customized yet easy-to-execute clip. A must-have for every professional equine and canine groomer.

  • Powerful universal rotary motor
  • Easily glides through a thick winter coat
  • 2-speed settings aid precision
  • Detachable and interchangeable blades (sold separately)
  • Must-have for every professional groomer

Item #:GRO4409
Reg. $146.15
Helps reduce friction and heat and lessen blade wear with no oily residue.

Oster® Kool Lube® is a non-ozone depleting treatment for clipper blades that helps maintain a clean and smooth operation. Further, it helps reduce friction and heat and lessen blade wear with no heavy, oily residue. Non-flammable and non-conductive, the fast-drying formula can be sprayed while equipment is running.

  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Helps maintain clean, smooth operation
  • Helps reduce friction and heat
  • Helps lessen blade wear
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-conductive to 29,000 volts
  • Fast-drying formula
  • Can be sprayed while equipment is running

Item #:GRO4413
Reg. $9.99

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