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Ore Originals

Durable, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free melamine feline dish set holds 1 cup of food!

Uniquely shaped, cat head feeding bowl set is made from durable melamine. Each bowl holds 1.00 cup and is dishwasher-safe, lead-free, BPA-free and non-toxic. An excellent gift for cat lovers, or your own feline friend!

  • Fun and unique
  • Made from durable melamine
  • Each bowl holds 1.00 cup
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Lead-free. BPA-free. Non-toxic.
  • Makes a puuurfect gift!

Item #:CAT0338
Reg. $15.38

Ore Pet Ceramic Bowl Handcraft Paw

Item #:DOG6890
Reg. $13.07

Ore Pet Pet Food Bag Clip

Item #:DOG6896
Reg. $9.99
Durable and functional pet placemat made from recycled rubber.

Any furry friend can dine in style while still being kind to the planet. Uniquely shaped like a cathead, this placement is sized just right for small cat bowls. Made of recycled rubber, durable and functional mat protects the floor from food spills while creating a place for your pet to eat.

  • Shaped as a cat head
  • Made of recycled rubber

Item #:CAT0355
Reg. $13.07

Ore Pet Pet Mat Recycled Rubber Fetch

Item #:DOG6897
Reg. $22.30
Flexible can covers that help keep canned food fresher, longer.

Formed in a fun paw shape, the Paw Can Cover Set features a functional, innovative that fits fitting three standard can sizes. Made from silicone, each set includes two dishwasher-safe, flexible, food-safe can covers.

  • Formed in a fun paw shape
  • Fits three standard can sizes
  • Made from dishwasher-safe, flexible, functional, food-safe silicone
  • Each set includes two can covers

Item #:DOG6895
Reg. $11.53

A high-capacity feeding station featuring two 18/8 grade stainless steel bowls and hinged wooden stand. Perfect for large or senior dogs as it prevents choking and crouching while eating. Bowls are removable for easy cleaning and stand folds flat for storage. Lead and BPA-free. Non-toxic.

  • Includes two 18/8 grade stainless steel bowls
  • Each bowl holds 5.00 cups
  • Lead-free. BPA-free. Non-toxic.
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Perfect for large or senior dogs 

Item #:DOG6899
Reg. $69.22

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