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M.O.S.S. Fresh Rider


Perfect for use before, during or after exercise to help remove the last little bit of dirt that your brush cannot get. Adding sheen to the coat without making your horse slippery, the MOSS Grooming Wipe is perfect for the show ring. These wipes are convenient and easy to use around the muzzle, face and body, and are conveniently packed in a tube for easy transportation.

  • For Use Before, After or During Exercise
  • Adds Sheen to the Coat
  • Does Not Make your Horse Slippery
  • 26 Wipes Per Container
  • Wipes are 7” x 12”

Item #:STO9611
Reg. $23.07
Improves and enhances both horse and rider equipment through odour-eliminating technology and essential oils.

Keeps both horse and rider equipment fresh through odour eliminating technology and essential oils in a natural fragrance. MOSS Deodorizing Mist is perfect for use on helmets, blankets, boots and more! Created from soy-based free radical technology and destroys odour on contact, leaving your equipment smelling fresh and odour free!

  • Odour Eliminating Technology
  • Essential Oils & Natural Fragrance
  • Perfect for Use on Horse & Rider

Item #:STP2032
Reg. $23.07

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