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Miracle Coat


Remarkable leave-in spray promotes fuller, healthier mane and tail while moisturizing skin and coat. Creates miraculous shine while deeply conditioning coat and skin. Will not cause saddles to slip. Leaves no oily residue or build up on coat. Anti-static properties aid in repelling dirt and dust. With soothing rosemary, vitamin E, wheat germ oil, and hydrolyzed whole wheat proteins. 946 ml./32 oz.

Item #:STS9662
Reg. $19.22

Tea tree oil's natural properties help skin and hooves resist invasion from germs, microbes, viruses and fungi. Non-stinging formula soothes cuts, scrapes, and chaffing. Helps eliminate skin irritations caused by flies, gnats, ticks and other insects. 946 ml./32 oz.

Item #:STS9663
Reg. $19.22

With tea tree oil. Non-irritating waterless formula requires no rinsing. Ideal for times when normal shampooing is not practical or for quick touch ups. Deep cleans, removes stains, moisturizes and enhances natural colour. Detangles for easy combing. With penny royal, neutral henna, hyacinth and clove. 946 ml./32 oz.

Item #:STS9664
Reg. $19.22

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