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Coolmax lining wicks away moisture, while unique Clik buckles make girth adjustment easy.

A perfect addition to the show ring, the Léttia Collection Clik Girth features a CoolMax® lining that incorporates an effective moisture management system to wick away sweat and keep your equine comfortable. The fleece underside provides a traditional appearance and additional comfort for your equine during exercise. Complete with patented Clik buckles that slide easily and smoothly for easy girthing.

  • CoolMax® Lining
  • Fleece Underside
  • Clik Buckles

Item #:RIE6812
Reg. $69.22
Hearty wool pad is lined with Coolmax fabric to help keep your horse's back cool and comfortable.

The Lettia Coolmax® Western Pad brings the best of the English saddle pad to the Western World! Lettia Western Pads combine Coolmax® fabric with wool felt padding to create a perfect Western pad.  The wool is hearty enough to stand up the weight of a Western saddle, while the coolmax® keeps your horse's back cool and comfortable.  Unlike traditional Western pads, the Lettia Western Pad is contoured, so you won't get bunching up under the saddle.

  • Coolmax® fabric
  • Wool felt padding
  • Contoured
  • Won't bunch up under the saddle

Item #:RIW4220
Reg. $92.30
Keep your nails looking show ring ready with these equestrian inspired emery boards.

Keep your nails looking fresh and fun with these designer emery boards! Available in a variety of fun colours and designs, your nails will look show ring ready!

  • Fun colours and designs
  • Great for fingernail maitenance

Item #:GIF6493
Reg. $3.07

Union Hill Lettia All Purpose Saddle

Item #:RIE6997
Reg. $69.22

Union Hill Lettia Collection Throw Rug

Item #:HDC6528
Reg. $38.45
Thick, super-stiff bristles ideal for removing mud after turnout in a wet or muddy field.

Thick, super-stiff bristles embedded into a wooden handle with ridges for grip. Ideal for removing mud from horse’s legs and coat after turnout in a wet or muddy field.

  • Thick, super-stiff bristles
  • Wooden handle with ridges
  • Ideal for removing mud from horse’s legs and coat

Item #:GRO4836
Reg. $13.84
Dandy brush with stiff, plastic bristles help get caked dirt off your horse's coat.

LÉTTIA plastic bristle dandy brush with wood back helps flick dirt away from the coat, a staple for any grooming kit. The stiff bristles allow for a deep penetration of the coat to get even the most caked on dirt. The brush has a long wooden back complete with ridges for easy handling. 

  • Plastic bristle dandy brush
  • Wood back complete with ridges for grip
  • Staple for any grooming kit

Item #:GRO4837
Reg. $11.53

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