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Leovet 5 Star Biotin Body Wash 500 mL

Item #:STS9746
Reg. $17.68
Help tame that wild mane with Leovet's 5 Star Braiding Gel!

This thin gel can be used in your horse’s unruly mane to help during braiding. Leovet 5 Star Braiding Gel does not dry stiff or sticky, helping to leave riders hands and reins gel free.

  • Tame unruly manes
  • Not sticky or stiff

Item #:STS9744
Reg. $19.99

Leovet 5 Star Detangler 550 mL

Item #:STS9745
Reg. $19.22
Helps to enhance shine and elasticity in the mane and tail, while making brushing and detangling easier.

Add shine, volume and elasticity to your horse or pony’s tail with the Leovet 5 star Magic style. Used to help detangle and brush through tails with ease, this will help keep your horse or pony’s tail looking healthy and full. This spray helps to improve hair structure and will leave the tail feeling silky soft for days.

  • Adds shine, volume and elasticity
  • Helps to detangle
  • Helps tail to look healthy and full

Item #:STS9743
Reg. $23.07

Leovet Bio-Skin Oil 500 mL

Item #:MEO8817
Reg. $34.61

Leovet Cellsius Gel 600mL

Item #:MEF8431
Reg. $24.61

Leovet Cold Pack Plus 500 mL

Item #:MEL8318
Reg. $20.76

Leovet FrogAde Hoof Care with Brush 200 mL

Item #:HOO8766
Reg. $20.76
Promote natural growth and elasticity with eucalyptus infused hoof grease.

This hoof treatment incorporates eucalyptus to help promote natural hoof growth and elasticity, while maintaining hoof breathability. Made without petroleum jelly, mineral oil or parabens, this hoof grease is a staple in any horseman’s tack trunk.

  • Made with eucalyptus oil to promote growth and elasticity
  • Hoof retains breathability
  • Nourishes and strengthens
  • Made without petroleum jelly, mineral oil or parabens

Item #:HOO8763
Reg. $18.45

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