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Kong Ballistic Woodland Bird

Item #:DOG7706
Reg. $9.99

Kong Ballistic Woodland Rabbit

Item #:DOG7705
Reg. $9.99

Kong Ballistic Woodland Squirrel

Item #:DOG7704
Reg. $9.99

Kong Cat Puppet Teaser

Item #:CAT0406
Reg. $9.22

Classic KONG is a super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound that is perfect for typical chewers.

  • Stuff KONG toys with treats and Ziggies to keep dogs busy

Item #:DOG0150
Reg. $13.84
Corkscrew curl complete with a feather and ribbon target on the end of a glittery wand.

The corkscrew curl is the key to the kitty party at the end of this glittering wand. Crazy-fast recoil sealed into the durable woven spirals mean when your cat pounces onto the feather and ribbon target, they’re rewarded with more wild, high-speed springing action launching them into further fun.

  • Springy spirals create unpredictable playtime fun
  • Sturdy corkscrew construction for extended exercise
  • Boa feathers and ribbons for added engagement

Item #:CAT0424
Reg. $7.68

Kong Enchanted Characters Cat Toys

Item #:CAT0423
Reg. $6.15

Kong Extreme Ball Med

Item #:DOG0411
Reg. $15.38
Perfect flying disc for games of fetch

The Kong Flyer is made with Kong's unique new rubber formula.

  • World's best flexible, rubber flying disc
  • Accurate flight and soft catch makes the Kong Flyer perfect for a game of fetch and catch
  • Not designed as a tugging or chewing toy

Item #:DOG0151
Reg. $13.84

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