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Jellycat Bashful Donkey

Item #:GIF7478
Reg. $15.38

Jellycat Dainty Palomino Pony Plush

Item #:GIF7272
Reg. $36.15
An adorable plush unicorn, dressed to dance the night away.

A superstar in every sense, Dancing Darcey Unicorn is centre stage! She's all decked out in a blush mesh tutu and shining satin shoes, and ready for her big solo! This gorgeous unicorn has soft, snowy fur, a smile on her face, and a magical rose-gold horn.

  • Adorable plush unicorn, dressed to dance the day away
  • Shining satin shoes and sparkling rose gold horn
  • Made from 100% polyester

Item #:GIF7474
Reg. $15.38

Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Unicorn

Item #:GIF7476
Reg. $25.38
Sweet and cuddly, Luna the Unicorn is a sweet cream dream!

Luna Unicorn is a sweet cream dream, and a magical pal to all. Waving a sparkling rose-gold horn, this soft-hoofed sweetheart loves to gallop round the garden. Luna's short vanilla fur is soft to snuggle, and it's so nice to stroke that silky mane and tail. Luna is always full of charm!

  • Sweet, snuggly unicorn with a rose gold horn

Item #:GIF7606
Reg. $34.61
Discover a sparkling unicorn adventure! Printed on 100% paperboard.

Open the cover to Unicorn Dreams and discover a truly magical world. Flying, diving, discovering treasure - all thanks to a sparkling unicorn. Little readers will love this adventure, and next time they snooze, they can go along too!

  • 100% paperboard
  • Suitable for infants and up
  • Features a sparkling unicorn adventure

Item #:BKS1788
Reg. $15.38
35-piece puzzle featuring a pink and white unicorn dancing with bright balloons.

The Magic Unicorn Dreams Puzzle is a pastel parade of colour and magic! Beautifully boxed and printed, this 35-piece jigsaw brings joy to any day of the week. Place each puzzle piece just right to discover a pink and white unicorn dancing with bright balloons.

  • Beautifully boxed and printed with engaging pastel colours
  • 35-piece puzzle
  • Features a pink and white unicorn dancing with bright balloons

Item #:GIF7607
Reg. $19.22

Jellycat Sweetie Unicorn Plush

Item #:GIF7273
Reg. $21.53     SALE: $12.92

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