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Marigold Horse Spray creates a barrier on the skin to stop odors and protects the skin from the things associated with the hot Summer. A long lasting botanical product that will keep your mount focused on the job ahead.

  • Creates skin barrier
  • Protects skin from hot summer pests
  • Botanical product
  • Long lasting

Item #:STP2006
Reg. $26.92

A powerful anti-chew spray made with a combination of ingredients much more powerful than anything else on the market today. McNasty Anti-Chewing Spray will not irritate skin. It is very safe to use and will not burn the horse.

  • Anti-chew spray
  • Powerful against chewers
  • Will not irritate skin
  • Great for blankets, boots and bandages

Item #:STP2008
Reg. $33.07
A unique blend of ingredients that help moisturize your horse's skin, coat, mane and tail.

Premier Rehydrant Spray uses a unique blend of ingredients that helps moisturize your horse’s coat, mane, and tail without leaving a slippery residue. Rehydrant Spray is silicone-free, leaves a non-slippery finish even on the saddle area and can be used daily to help rehydrate, condition and colour-intensify a dry mane or tail. Helps repel dust and dirt and reduce static electricity from blankets. Complete with a pleasing tropical scent.

  • Helps moisturize skin, coat, mane and tail
  • Helps to enhance shine
  • Helps to repel dust & dirt and reduce static electricity
  • Leaves non-slip finish
  • Tropical scent

Item #:STS9701
Reg. $22.30

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