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Circle P


An excellent all around saddle. The Circle P line is sold around the world. Made from a fine full grain leather upper and a sturdy cordura skirt, this saddle should give years of pleasure. Full quarter horse tree with 5 year warranty anda smooth washable suede seat. Complete with genuine leather jockeys, cantle and swell with double cordura skirting. All hardware is stainless steel. Fleece lined for durability and comfort. This is an excvellent mid range saddle. Ideal for all round pleasure riding, trail and training.

Item #:RIW4053
Reg. $446.15

The Circle P Synthetic Equitation Saddle is our best valued everyday western saddle! Made from a composite synthetic material more durable than leather, and requiring considerably less maintenance, this Synthetic Equitation Saddle is perfect for everyday use. It is well made and nicely balanced, with all stainless steel hardware for an authentic look and fleece lined for durability and comfort.

  • Composite synthetic material
  • Easy maintenance
  • Balanced
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Fleece lined
  • Durable

Item #:RIW4054
Reg. $437.69     SALE: $306.92

The Circle P Western Pleasure Saddle with Cutaway Skirt is made from premium select hides with hand tooled features, equi-suede seat, full Quarter Horse bars and expert stitching.  This saddle has a rigging position of 7/8, a cantle height of 4 inches, a swell width of 12.5 inches and a 3 inch rawhide covered horn.  This saddle is great for trails and enjoying your mount for hours!

  • Full Quarter Horse Bars
  • Rigging position: 7/8 
  • Cantle height: 4 inches
  • Swell width: 12.5 inches
  • 3 inch rawhide covered horn

Item #:RIW4178
Reg. $603.85
Roughout leather Western saddle features a double fleece skirt lining.

Made from full roughout leather, double fleece skirt lining, suede seat, rawhide stirrups and durable hardware, the Circle P Western Training Saddle is an excellent saddle with all the right features.

  • Full Quarter Horse Bars
  • Swell width: 12.5 inches
  • 3 inch rawhide covered horn
  • 7/8 rigging position
  • 4 inch cantle height

Due to the size and weight of the product additional shipping charges will apply.

Item #:RIW4179
Reg. $653.08     SALE: $422.31

Constructed with a flatter seat, the Circle P Winchester All Around Saddle features a flatter seat to help with the rider’s movement and position. The close contact skirting keeps your leg closer to the horse. Complete with semi quarter horse bars and stainless steel hardware.

  • Semi Quarter Horse Bars
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Rigging – 7/8 Position
  • 6 ½” Wide, 7 ½” High Gullet
  • 24” Long, 11.5” Deep Skirt

Item #:RIW4898
Reg. $730.77

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