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Unique and innovative stress-actuated lock and release stirrup for peace of mind in the saddle.

Unique and innovative stress-actuated lock and release stirrup for peace of mind in the saddle. Stirrup bow is made of aluminum for a lightweight feel while the footbed is crafted from polyamide for a flexible and comfortable ride. Pivoting lock and release stirrup arm opens under pressure in the case of a fall.

  • Stress- Actuated Stirrups
  • Lock and Release Stirrup Arm
  • Lightweight Aluminum

Item #:RIE6932
Reg. $195.38
Memory foam pad absorbs impact without slipping.

Memory foam half pad made with the new Acavallo Grip System, a silicone grip pattern for the ultimate saddle stability. Grip System prevents the pad from gradual slipping as you ride, while memory foam padding absorbs shock and vibrations. Lightweight and soft to the touch, this saddle pad contours to your horse’s back allowing pressure to be evenly distributed.

  • Silicone grip pattern prevents gradual slipping
  • Memory foam absorbs shock and vibrations
  • Evenly distributes pressure
  • Lightweight and soft to the touch

Item #:RIE6875
Reg. $168.46

Acavallo No-Turn Bell Boots Conform to entire hoof for extreme protectio

  • Quality of rubber makes these boots easy one and off
  • Molded fit ensures boots won't turn and irritate your horse's skin
  • Great for riding or turnout

Item #:BOB2703
Reg. $49.99
Designed with fit and function in mind to provide maximum protection and movement.

Designed with fit and function in mind, the Acavallo Opera Open Front Horse Boot provides maximum protection and movement. Featuring a single elastic band fastener that ensures mobility while preventing slipping and is adjustable to fit the uniqueness of each horse. Thanks to the patented hook Eclick, you can fasten and unfasten the boot with just one movement. Finished with a gel liner for form-fitting comfort and strong outer shell for strike protection.

  • Single Elastic Fastener
  • Adjustable
  • One Movement hook Eclick
  • Gel Lined

Item #:BOE2790
Reg. $153.84
An innovative air release pad that is shock-absorbent, light weight, low bulk and highly effective.

An innovative air release pad that is light weight, low bulk and highly effective. Designed from featherlight thermoplastic material, this pad creates a shock-absorbing cushion effect when pressure is applied to your horse’s back while also offering superb ventilation. Waterproof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly material makes this pad easy to use and care for!

  • Featherlight Thermoplastic Pad
  • Low-Profile, Low-Bulk
  • Ventilation Air-Supply System
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Waterproof

Item #:RIE6931
Reg. $57.68

Acavallo Respira Front Boot

Item #:BOE2792
Reg. $84.61
Innovative bit helps to enhance sensitivity, balance and confidence in horse.

The Acavallo Sensitive Bit is made with an innovative and anti-allergenic plastic material with integrated, flexible steel cable reinforcement. The slightly arched and flattened mouthpiece allows for even pressure on the tongue, jaws and corners of the horse’s mouth. This soft, yet effective bit helps to instill confidence in both heavy and young horses and helps them to find their own balance. With two different rein placements, the rider is able to change the amount of leverage and pressure applied to the mouth and poll.

  • Slightly arched and flattened mouth piece
  • Soft, flexible mouth piece
  • Integrated steel cable reinforcement
  • Two rein placement options for easy leverage control
  • Helps to instill confidence and balance

Item #:BIE2105
Reg. $53.84

Acavallo Adhesive Soft Gel Strip

Item #:HOR5178
Reg. $23.07
Gel nose and poll guard that distributes pressure evenly and prevents rubs from the bridle.

The Gel Nose & Poll Guard made by Acavallo offers shields against rubbing and chafing when noseband pressure is applied. When used under the crown piece, pressure is distributed evenly across the poll to help prevent irritation against the skull and base of the spine.

  • Gel Nose and Poll Guard
  • Distributes Pressure
  • Helps prevents Rubbing

Item #:HOR5196
Reg. $23.07

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