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This antiqued twisted curved mouth snaffle features three inch rings.

Item #:BIW1239
Reg. $24.61

This black steel curb bit features a 5 inch sweet iron medium port mouth and 7 inch cheeks.

Item #:BIW1245
Reg. $46.15

Girth connector strap with buckle to connect the front and back cinch. Made from Brahma Webb, a great, low-maintenance alternative to leather. 5/8" x 6".

Item #:RIW4903
Reg. $7.68

Careful hand braiding in the centre gives this rein extra grip. Constructed of burgundy latigo leather. Solid brass hardware. 5/8" x 7'.

Item #:RIW3952
Reg. $42.30

This 5/8" rich brown bridle leather curb strap has a 3-1/2" flat link chain, stainless steel hardware and smoothed and darkened leather edges.

Item #:BID1351
Reg. $23.07
Stay hydrated on long trail rides this summer with this water bottle and lightweight nylon holster.

The handy nylon holster easily hooks onto the saddle or saddle bag and includes a dee ring on back for added stability. Webbing strap with hook and loop closure keeps water bottle in place. Water bottle included.

  • Lightweight nylon fabric
  • Hooks onto saddle or saddle bag
  • D ring on the back allows for more clips to be added for extra stability
  • Hook and loop closure keeps water bottle in place
  • Water bottle included

Item #:DRD2115
Reg. $15.38

Training and Correction Bit features a Copper Snaffle Mouth.

Item #:BIW1254
Reg. $33.84

The Latigo leather crown easily attaches with Chicago screws to most nylon halters to convert them into breakaway halters. Breakaway halters allow the horse an easier and safer emission from dangerous or unsuitable conditions. These conditions may include cross ties and trailers whereas a nylon crown piece would not free the horse upon a struggle.

  • Easily Attaches
  • Affixes to Nylon Halters
  • Easier and Safer Emission from Dangerous or Unsuitable Conditions

Item #:HAD9481
Reg. $10.76

Curb Chain Hook Solid as a pair.

Item #:BID1306
Reg. $1.53

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