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Ideal for finishing the polish on your horse's coat.

Created with pig bristle for a soft and comfortable feel on your mount, this brush can be used on all areas of the horse. Featuring a rounded shape for a comfortable feel on the hand, this brush is complete with a leather hand belt for grooming convenience.

  • Pig bristle
  • Round shape
  • Leather hand belt
  • 22cm X 11cm

Item #:GRO4762
Reg. $19.22     SALE: $11.53
The perfect addition to your grooming kit or wash stall

A fantastic way to clean and polish your horse! Promoting a natural coat shine, the Doodle Dandy has a microfiber top to increase coat sheen with a mesh bottom to remove stubborn stains. The massive surface area of microfibers attracts dust and dirt while absorbing sweat and grease. This mitt can be used wet or dry and is machine washable.

  • Promotes a natural coat shine
  • Microfiber top
  • Mesh bottom
  • Removes stubborn stains
  • Attracts dust and dirt
  • Absorbs sweat and grease
  • Use wet or dry
  • Machine washable

Item #:GRO4536
Reg. $4.61     SALE: $2.76
Microfibre covers a firm sponge; attracts dust and dirt and distributes natural oils.

Constructed around a firm sponge it can be used wet or dry. The long microfiber surface attracts dust and dirt as well as distributes natural oils.

  • Use wet or dry
  • Microfiber surface attracts dirt
  • Helps distribute natural oils

Item #:GRO4529
Reg. $4.61     SALE: $2.76

Made from heavy duty 420 denier water resistant nylon shell. Adjustable elastic drawstring allows adjustment to fit any size saddle. Dressage. Hunter Green or Navy Blue.

Item #:RIE3736
Reg. $15.38     SALE: $13.07

Supra Dressage Whip

Item #:DRG0889
Reg. $11.53     SALE: $8.07

39 " With black handle and shaft. ** Please note that this oversized item is subject to an additional $8.00 shipping charge. **

Item #:DRG0831
Reg. $11.53     SALE: $8.07

This whip is made of a woven nylon thread covering a fiberglass center. The handle is wrapped in polyurethane with a Ferrule molded cap that is nickel plated. Stylish and suitable for top dressage barns.

  • Woven nylon thread
  • Fibreglass center
  • Polyurethane handle
  • Ferrule molded cap

Item #:DRG1204
Reg. $15.38     SALE: $10.76

This whip is designed specifically with comfort and style in mind. Comes in fun and unique colours to show off added flare while schooling. Gel handle conforms to your hand and cuts down on fatigue. Complete with silver cap.

  • Comfortable and easy to hold
  • Gel handle
  • Silver cap

Item #:DRG1203
Reg. $15.38     SALE: $10.76

Dynal Ear Liners. Pair.

Item #:HOR5126
Reg. $7.68     SALE: $6.53

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